Emily and Colton

Emily Nicole's Proposal in At the Silverthorne, Colorado Ice Castle (all the Elsa vibes)

How We Met

Colton and I met the summer before I started college in our hometown of Lafayette, LA. I was an incoming freshman at the University of LA not looking for relationships, excited for sorority recruitment and finally getting to college. As fate would have it, two weeks before recruitment I met my soulmate at the age of 18, and ever since then I feel like I had known that he was the one. The night we met at a popular local club, I was with friends of mine from high school, and so was he. We did not go to the same high school but we had mutual friends present that night. In total granny fashion, I was already tired and ready to go early on in the night when a tall, handsome stranger approached me while I was chatting with some mutual friends of ours. He asked for my Facebook info so that he could “message me” later on so I gave it to him thinking that it was nothing serious. One hour after I went home I had a message from him that I ignored for a day or two. I thought about it and messaged him back, gave him my number, and the rest is history:)

FUN FACT: Colton became a bartender at the place we had met and worked there for a few years during college. I definitely visited him and flirted with him to get some drinks;) The first picture is of us in college while he was working there.

How They Asked

The last weekend of February of this year, Colton and I decided to visit two of our good friends from college who had moved to Denver, CO a few years ago. Two months prior, I had graduated from nurse anesthesia school in Baton Rouge, LA, and I wanted to take a mini post grad trip up to Colorado (one of my favorite states). When we got to CO, we spent time with our two awesome friends (Gabby & Thomas), and had a blast finally getting to visit them since they had moved up there! The second night that we were there, Gabby and I had gotten tickets for us and the guys to go to the Silverthorne, CO Ice Castles that night because we had seen multiple photo ops on insta (who doesn’t love a good photo oop?!). Colton knows that I am in love with Frozen and anything that gives me Elsa feels, so he was surprisingly excited to go with me to an ice castle an hour outside of Denver (looking back this should have been my first clue that something was up). When we got to the ice castle we were taking pictures and it wasn’t until the third or fourth picture that Colton decided he wanted one of just us (typical boyfriend fashion). He hadn’t been acting nervous/strange at all that night, so I was definitely not expecting anything, especially a proposal, to happen! He asked our friends to use both our phones to take pictures of us in some “good lighting” since the ice castle was changing colors continuously from blues to purples to pink hues. I was posed, ready for a typical cute couple picture, sinking in a foot of snow in my clearly non-snow friendly boots when my best friend turned to me, said some of the sweetest things that I can no longer remember. He got down on one knee in the snow with jeans on while my favorite color (pink!!) was the hue’d background in the middle of the ice castle, and he made me feel like the ultimate princess by asking me to be his wife in the most gorgeous place, with all the frozen (but warm hearted) feels.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At the Silverthorne, Colorado Ice Castle (all the Elsa vibes)

Special Thanks

Gabby Monju (sneaky, amazing friend)
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