Emily and Christopher

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Congress Park, Saratoga, New York

How We Met

Chris and I met at a “jersey” party at Bentley University in 2011. I was the only girl not wearing a sports jersey to fit the theme and he decided to call me out on it. I explained that as a New York Giants fan who did not own her own jersey I was not about to borrow any Patriots jerseys from my Boston friends. From there he had the smoothest pick-up line and asked if I played “words with friends,” which was a mobile version of Scrabble and for whatever reason very popular that year. Being both competitive and nerds we started playing right at the party. It wasn’t exactly happily ever after from there (I think we both had some growing up to do!) but I’d never been able to get him out of my head or heart, so when we reconnected after college I couldn’t have been happier and surer that this time it was it… we’ve been together for the past three years and I can’t wait to marry him!!

How They Asked

I was hoping Chris would propose all summer, we had talked about getting married quite a bit this year, and I was feeling confident that it would happen on my family’s vacation to Maine. I’d had two people ask me to get my nails done before I left, so I was feeling pretty good about my hunch. Well, the joke was on me, because the short stay in Maine came and went and there was no proposal. We were at my parents for the weekend following Maine in upstate New York and his two sisters and parents were coming up to go to the Saratoga race track with us and get to know my family a little better. I was planning to spend Friday morning helping my parents prepare for their visit so when Chris told me his friend from college was in town and wanted to get lunch I agreed to go but was a little frustrated. I felt bad leaving my mom to finish cleaning while I went out to lunch. I am so glad I agreed to go.

Emily and Christopher's Engagement in Congress Park, Saratoga, New York

Emily's Proposal in Congress Park, Saratoga, New York

When we got to downtown Saratoga, Chris had me park in a different spot than I usually do, telling me that my mom warned him about construction in my usual parking spot. I did not see through this lie, or the one he told me about his friend running late so we had time to wander through the park near where I parked the car. Congress Park in Saratoga is a beautiful, historic park right in the center of things, and it even includes my all time favorite wedding venue (which Chris knows). We were wandering around, heading up to my favorite fountain and we passed two professional photographers taking photos of an older couple. They complimented us on our beautiful dog and I thought nothing of it. Next thing I knew, Chris called Hudson, our cavalier king charles over to him and pulled his dog collar out of his pocket. I was very confused, because we never take his collar off during the day. Still kneeling from putting on the collar, I realized he was emotional and that this was a proposal! The dog had a tag on his collar saying “Will you marry my Dad?” and Chris said some beautiful things that I was too in shock to remember, and pulled a ring box out of his pocket. I was so overwhelmed I said “Thank you!” at first, instead of yes before I was able to collect myself.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Congress Park, Saratoga, New York

The photographers were snapping away and did an hour engagement session with us in the park before my parents came to take our puppy home so we could go to a celebratory lunch out in Saratoga. After a couple glasses of champagne and a full hour of me staring at my hand, Chris’ family showed up from New Jersey and we spent some time showing them around the park and our dream wedding venue. We headed home for a BBQ and my parents house was decorated with engagement themed decorations. Within the hour nearly my entire extended family and best friend were there to celebrate. Chris and my mom had schemed to have family from all over the East Coast there for our celebration.

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