Emily and Chris

Image 1 of Emily and ChrisHow We Met: Chris and I met through an online game when I was 11 and he was 13 (April 2005). He was first friends with a girl in my class, him and I started talking through her. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and he grew up outside of St. Louis. The first time we met in person he took a trip to Wisconsin to attend an 8th grade graduation party for that girl in my class. I wasn’t invited to the party so Chris could only stop by my house on his way back to Missouri. We only got to see each other for half an hour. We didn’t see each other again for 3 years. Then again, 3 years after that. We always loved each other (yes, even when we were pre-teens) but it never worked out for us. Not until New Years Eve 2013. I made a trip down to St. Louis just for the night and he finally asked me out. 12 days later, he bought the ring. 26 days later, he proposed.

how they asked: Chris and I were on a trip to Cleveland and had just gotten back to the hotel room after dinner on our first night. I was so full and totally distracted so I had my back to him. He snuck up behind me and put his arms around me with the ring box in his hands. As I turned around he got down on one knee! He said no words and I didn’t even say yes. Afterwards, he said he didn’t feel that it was necessary to say anything because I already knew everything he needed to say. Of course I was crying too hard to actually say yes so I just nodded.

Image 2 of Emily and Chris