Emily and Charles

How We Met

Charles and I met at the beginning of August 2011. Coincidentally, our best friends Kate and Justin lived right behind each other. The girls that lived in the house in between Kate and Justin were having a house party. Kate and I were invited…Charles and his friends were not. When Charles and I caught eyes, it was all over from there. He asked for my number but both of our phones were dead so he said that he would memorize it. I thought HA I’ll never see you again. He said “No really, I’m good with numbers”..Little did I know that he was studying accounting at the time. So I finally gave it to him and he texted me a week later. We talked on and off for about two years. April 1, 2013 was opening day for the Braves. Alayna and I were talking about who we wanted to invite..I thought to myself that I hadn’t seen Charles in awhile and figured I should invite him. Alayna, her friend Logan, Charles and I all went to the Braves game that day. We had such a great time that night that we continued to talk and started dating :

how they asked

I can’t even tell you how many people asked if I thought that Charles was going to propose while we were in Europe this past summer. Even when we got back, people were still telling me that they kept waiting to see if we were going to get engaged. I just kept laughing it off because Charles told me countless times that it was probably going to be some time in early 2016. I have always thought I was an intuitive person..Charles definitely proved me wrong. Charles told me this whole time that he had won Braves field passes and suite tickets through his work so he led me to believe that he won a raffle and that we were going to stay at the Ritz that night since it was close to the stadium. Every 5 minutes he was checking the weather. I kept telling him that it would be fine and that we would get wet if it rained..little did I know what was coming. We arrived at the stadium and our tour guide led us onto the field. She told us that we could go over by the dugout to get better pictures so obviously I said yes. We posed for the picture and as I turned around to look at the scoreboard, Charles was down on one knee. I had no idea what was going on until he opened the box and I saw the gorgeous engagement ring. I immediately started crying and was so shocked that he surprised me. I had no idea…absolutely no idea. Our tour guide ended up buying us a celebratory glass of champagne in the Suntrust Club. While we were there, I kept trying to call my dad and my sister. They wouldn’t answer!! Little did I know, that they were upstairs in the suite right behind home plate along with his mom and dad and all of our closest friends who got to see the entire proposal! We stayed for the entire game and actually got to see Billy Currington play after the game on the field! He even got a limo to pick us up from the game and take us back to the hotel. The surprises kept coming! Our room was filled with yellow rose petals (my favorite), a bottle of champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries. The entire night felt like a dream. It was the best night of my life thus far!

Image 1 of Emily and Charles