Emily and Carter

How We Met

Carter and I were introduced to each other in middle school through mutual friends and over the next few years our paths crossed a few times. It wasn’t until my sister, Katie, got married that we were actually given a chance to get to know each other. Carter asked me on our first date on August 4th, 2015 where we went hammocking on Mount Lemmon. Eventually, on September 27th, 2015 Carter officially asked me to be his girlfriend before dropping me off at home and making his trek back to Phoenix (where he was attending college). For two years we had a (close) long-distance relationship where we were lucky enough to see each other every other weekend, if not every weekend.

How They Asked

It all began on a rainy Sunday morning, December 17th, 2018 to be exact. We were in our church connect group (that Carter’s father led) when Carter’s dad asked if we could leave a little early and drop off payroll at his store. We agreed and as were on our way he began asking me if I had seen my childhood home (located right by his dad’s store) recently. I said no and he proceeded to tell me that they had recently painted the house a repulsive color and that I would be so upset if I saw it. Of course I just had to see it for myself. As we pulled up to my old home I saw my best friend standing in the front yard with a lockbox, a letter, and a sign that said “Stop 1” – by this point I realized he had lied just to get me here. He proceeded to tell me to hop out of the car and that he would be seeing me soon. After a lot of squealing I opened up my letter and found out that I had just begun the most memorable scavenger hunt of my life and that each stop would give me one number of my lockbox code and once it was unlocked I would find out my final destination. Stop one not only consisted of meeting my best friend at my childhood home, but also both of us getting our nails done (already paid for) with appointments already made. After we were pampered the note led us to Mama’s Hawaiian Barbecue, a place that I absolutely love but Carter always refused to go with me. As I walked in the doors I was greeted by my mom, my dad, my sisters, my brother in-law, my nephews, and my niece. There was a crossword puzzle I had to complete that included major dates in our relationship, nicknames, and random facts about us. Once the crossword was completed I was given an envelope with the next letter, telling me to pick out a new outfit, and a Nordstrom Rack gift card. My sisters accompanied my on my shopping adventure and helped me pick out a new outfit for this special day. Once my ensemble was put together I was driven to Lakeside Park where our two dear friends, Sara and Ryan, were waiting for us under a decorated ramada. This had been a very special place in our past because this was one of the locations we used to go ice blocking. After opening my letter I found out that my next number was hidden inside an ice block and I could either eat 3 Bamboozled jelly beans and use a hammer, or I could not eat anything and I would have to try and get the number out of the ice block some other way… so of course I chose to take a risk and eat the beans and get the hammer. Thankfully, all my jellybeans were good. After the number was FINALLY out, we began walking back to the car when I heard a “thud” and a groan. I turned around to find my little sister laying in the mud. She slipped while walking down the hill and she had mud everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE. This threw a wrench in the timeline because then we had to proceed to the nearest store (KMart) and get her a new wardrobe for the rest of the day. After this predicament was taken care of the next stop I was taken to was our church, where just a few short months earlier I had professed my faith and gotten baptized. My (future) mother in-law, father in-law, and brother in-laws were waiting for me at a picnic table with desserts and a worksheet that we all had to fill out together in order to decode the next number in the combination. After about an hour of answering questions and sharing stories I was led to my next destination; the park where Carter and I had our first kiss. There I was greeted by all of my bible study girls (Carter’s cousins and my sisters) and four glasses of wine. I had to drink all the glasses to find the very last missing number because it was written at the bottom.