Emily and Cameron

Emily and Cameron's Engagement in Indianapolis, Indiana

How We Met

We met through a small bible study group at church – it was my first time attending the group and Cam was the leader. We instantly caught each other’s eye. I didn’t think he noticed me at all, but Cam would tell you he was just trying to play it cool. I thought to myself, “I’ll MAKE him notice me next week!” Fortunately, I didn’t have to. Cam asked me out on a date to see the Lumineers in concert two days later.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Indianapolis, Indiana

How They Asked

Cam and I knew we wanted to marry each other at the 6-month mark. It was just a matter of time before he popped the question – over a year later! We talked about engagement and what kind of ring I would like. We each had one stipulation. Cam wanted the proposal to be a COMPLETE surprise, and I just wanted to have my nails done. Cam spent months saving and planning. He spoke to my parents in June to receive their blessing. He picked out a ring in July and planned the proposal for later that month. Cam would have our mutual friend take me out to get my nails done. Then we would bike around the city of Indianapolis to all of the places we shared a special experience together. We would end up on Monument Circle, where Cam would get down on one knee.

Unfortunately, the day of the proposal was pushed — I missed my flight coming home from a long work trip. Feeling nervous about me catching on, Cam changed his plans. On August 4, 2018, Cam suggested that we take our puppy, Olive, for a walk down Mass Ave and grab a bite to eat. I noticed that Cam was being quiet on the walk but didn’t think much of it. After a few minutes of walking, Cam stopped me abruptly and said, “Hey Emily, I have something for you!” He pulled out a small box and handed it over. Inside was a bottle of nail polish. I was confused by such a random gift but thanked him anyway. Then he said, “That’s actually a smaller, complimentary gift to something bigger.” Then he pulled an even smaller box out of his pocket and I started crying. I knew this was the moment. He dropped down on one knee and asked, “Emily Gayle Fisher, will you marry me?” Still sobbing and trying to wipe away tears, I said, “DUH!” We walked across the street to a restaurant with an outdoor patio so we could take in the moment and so I could paint my nails. Then, we Facetimed everyone we could before leaving to go get ready for the fancy dinner reservation Cam made.