Emily and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met through mutual friends. We hung out in fairly large groups and looking back now, I notice he would always seem to choose the seat right across from me or beside me. I didn’t think much of this at the time–mainly because I assumed he had a girlfriend (he would always call it a night early as if he had someone waiting for him at home). I eventually found out that his real reasoning behind this was because of a low alcohol tolerance (unfortunately for him, I have the exact opposite haha).

One day, he mentioned in our group chat that we should all go out to get ice cream from Bi-rite. Arguably the best ice cream you could find in San Francisco, we excitedly set a date for the weekend. When the weekend comes around, something coincidentally comes up for everyone except Brian and I. We postpone ice cream and he texts me directly to ask if I would like to grab dinner with him instead. My mind started racing. “Grab dinner? Like what do you mean? Just me and you? Just you and me? Alone? Like on a date?!” I’ve never hung out with him outside of our group and I HATE going on dates! My mind screamed “No sorry I can’t!” My heart decided to reply “Yeah sure!”

He soon became my favorite human and my very best friend. We were inseparable.

A couple weeks into dating, we were on the phone as he asks what I have planned the next day. I was going to a private grand opening party with my mom. “Wait no, I’M going to a private grand opening party with MY mom,” he blurts. I brush him off and tell him he’s not funny. Well sure enough, he shows up at the party with his mom. His mom walks over to my mom and SURPRISE– our mothers are really close friends. Brian and I pretend not to know each other as we awkwardly shook hands, trying hard not to burst into laughter.

That very same night, my giggling mom pulls me aside to tell me that her friend really likes me; that they want to set up a lunch with her son and I so we could get to know each other (my mom hated all my exes so she jumped at the opportunity of me and her BFF’s son). “Are you crazy mom? The last thing I need is for you to play matchmaker for me.” (Little did she know…) Long story short, Brian and I did eventually tell them that we already knew each other and were already dating. I mean, no way we would’ve let them take the credit. Let’s just say, everyone is happy and Brian and I got to skip the nerve wracking stage of seeking parental approval. Hooray!

Fast forward 2 years and we are still very much inseparable. Never would I have imagined living in a relationship for the books. As cliche as it may be, the best things in life really do come when you least expect them.

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how they asked

Brian told me to keep March 21st open for his best friend’s art show. We love museums and art galleries, and his best friend is an artist so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

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When we arrived, we were greeted by his best friend who said we were early and asked if we wanted to check it out first. We walked out to the sky deck with one of the best views in San Francisco and marveled at all the paintings on the easels. When we were done with each one, I noticed a black board with a sign that said ‘lift me.’

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Me: “Babe… why does that say lift me?”
Him: “I’m not sure, wanna lift it?”
Me: “You lift it!”
He lifted the board, revealing “marry me?” In light up letters.

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Everything after this was a blur. I remember hearing my favorite song start to play in the background as he got down on one knee. With tears streaming down my face, I tried my very best to gather myself as I saw a photographer through the corner of my eye, but it wasn’t happening. He points and says “Look!” I turn around as more than 60 of our family and close friends cheer. And the tears just continued to roll.

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From art show flyers, to personalized snapchat filters, and friends who were already hiding there texting me to ask what I was up to for the day just to throw me off, it couldn’t have been more meticulous, more thoughtful, and more perfect. Hearts so full.

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