Emily and Brian

how we met

Bumble – each of us was the other’s first Bumble meetup. After some silly chatting through the app, we met for a first date at Olbrich Park in Madison for a walk along the lake.

how they asked

I picked up the ring and held on to it for a few months, initially because it was waaaaay too soon to propose, but then a few more weeks because I knew the moment I wanted to pop the question. We had just unloaded our first car load from Emily’s apartment to our new apartment. We were planning to grab dinner once everything from the first load was unpacked, and Emily was arranging some stuff in the closet. I asked her if she wanted to open one more box before we left, and she agreed. When she turned around, I was on one knee holding up the ring box. “How about this one?”

Special Thanks

Ueda Photography
 | Photography