Emily and Brent

Image 1 of Emily and Brent

How We Met

When I was in high school, my cousin helped me get a job as a lifeguard. The first day I came to the pool Brent was there working as a lifeguard too. Nobody was swimming, and he showed me around. I remember he was trying to tell me I could totally get in and swim a little if I wanted. I told hime he should get in and swim. He ended up doing like some really fancy dive into the pool. We started talking more and more at work, and I started to like him. He ended up scheduling to work the same days as me, and he also started bringing me Starbucks on the mornings we work together since I told him I liked it.

I would drink Starbucks, and he would tell me not to worry about vacuuming the pool because he would do it. We went on a few dates, and on our third date he took me to the park and asked me how many dates you have to go on to kiss someone. I said I’m not sure. Then he asked if it was ok with me if he kissed me. I said yeah, and we’ve been together ever since. I’m a senior in nursing school, and he’s stationed in Virginia in the army. We talk everyday, and I’m really looking forward to moving up there after school.

how they asked

I studied abroad in Paris my sophomore year in college. I was absolutely in love with everything there. It was beautiful! Now, I have a picture of an eiffel tower in my room, and I’m obsessed. I always used to tell Brent that I could just get married there in front of the eiffel tower, and he would laugh. He came home for the weekend since he had a four day weekend. After my Saturday clinical at the hospital he came over and told me we should go out to eat somewhere nice. He told me to get dressed up and curl my hair. He was going to go home and get dressed. He would come back and pick me up. He came back in his army uniform, and when we got in the car he blindfolded me.

He said I wasn’t allowed to see where we were going. He drove to his house where he had built a “love lock” bridge and an eiffel tower.

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There were string lights all over. He took me on the bridge and got done on one knee!! My ring was on a love lock around the bridge.

Image 3 of Emily and Brent

When he opened the ring box, there was a key inside to unlock the key and get my ring.

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My parents, my sister, her boyfriend, his mom, and his brother all came outside from the house and took some pictures.

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