Emily and Braxton

How We Met

We met in high school. I went to a public school. He went to a private school. Same area, just different schools.

A girl that went to his school that he was close with.. he told her to become friends with me and of course, we did. She and I became great friends. She invited me to go with her and some of her friends to eat that night at a restaurant in Franklin, TN called Bricktops. Little did I know this was his whole plan.

Emily and Braxton's Engagement in Nashville, TN

As the years went by, we become closer and closer. Pretty inseparable you could say. He was my best friend in the whole world. He was my go-to person when I got hurt by others, he was the person I went to for anything and everything. But nothing more than a best friend. Truly all he was (for the time being).

As time went on that spark between us developed stronger and deeper. After a couple years of being the best of friends, we realized there was more. The first time he asked me to be his girlfriend – I said not yet or no, something along those lines. One night I was leaving his heading back home to mine and in the car, I prayed, “Lord, give me peace and let me know if I’m supposed to be his girlfriend.” Sure enough, I feel the Lord urging me to call him to tell him I’m ready to be his girlfriend. July 2nd, a few nights later, he asked me again and this time it was a very happy YES.

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We’ve been together officially for about 3.5 years. We did long distance all through college. I went to the University of Tennessee, where we both attended our freshman year. He played basketball and then transferred to a junior college at the end of freshman year and then to a school in Texas where he plays still. Once I graduated from school, I moved to Texas to finish those 3 years of long distance. After about 6 months of being in Houston, TX, we came home for the holidays and here began our new journey!

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How They Asked

So the night before my mom asked if I wanted to go to Starbucks in the morning and I told her of course. After we came home we were talking on the couch until my dad got home and then my mom and dad handed me a letter that said Emily on the envelope and I automatically recognized the handwriting that was Braxton’s.

When I open the letter, I immediately started crying I saw the Bible verse at the top in the beginning of the letter that Braxton would start her journey with. After the first letter, my parents handed me a second letter with my instructions for the day.. one being ready by 9:45 for my ride. I received multiple letters throughout the day at each location I was brought too.

At 9:45, my first ride was Trey, Braxton’s brother who is a marine – I was told he was not going to make it home for Christmas. He picked me up and brought me to Cracker Barrel, where all of Braxton’s best friends were. I got to start the day with lunch with them. At the end of breakfast, I received my 3rd letter.

My sister was my next ride and took me to go get a blowout. She kept asking me where I thought she was taking me and we drove by the Brentwood Waffle House and I was like oh no not more food.. I can’t eat anymore and she had me completely convinced it was food until we got to the blow out salon.

From here, I received my next letter that a rowdy bunch was going to be picking me up. It was all my best friends. I enjoyed the majority of the day with them.. eating lunch, going shopping for an outfit for the night and just spending time with them and catching up. We laughed a lot, cried a lot, and just soaked up every minute of everything that was happening.

From here, I received my next letter when they dropped me off at my next location. The LA Jackson hotel, where I was supposed to be until around 7:15. I was to relax, watch some vampire diaries before it was time for me to get dressed. I spent the majority of the time thinking time was going so slow, what was going to happen next and just soaking in every second. I cried happy tears and just thanked God. I mean… look at what all this man did for our proposal. It is so evident how much he loves me. Wow. Blown away. Couldn’t stop thanking Jesus. All glory to You.

From here, I was greeted by Braxton’s mom and stepdad, Tracie and Will with a sign that said “Future Mrs. Braxton Bonds”. I received the last letter that was written to me from Will. I was then taken to my final destination, Braxton’s sister’s (Caitlin) house. I was told to wait in the car and someone was going to come, get me.

A few moments pass by and my dad comes and gets me. He walks me down the driveway that has a flower petal path lined with candles into the backyard, where I see my future husband. FINALLY. All of our family and friends are here watching.

Braxton gets down on one knee and shares the last “letter” to me. This one was no longer in an envelope. This one was spoken. Pure words of love, Jesus, and intention. And there he became my fiancé. ❤️

This day was the best day of my life. Finding your soulmate is the second most important decision in your life, besides giving your heart to the Lord. I am thankful for His timing. This day was filled with so many tears, so many laughs, so many smiles, so much love and the presence of Jesus. Words can’t describe how loved I feel by Braxton and how loved we feel like a couple that our family and friends would stop their days to help be a part of this day to start our new journey together.

Special Thanks

Aubrey Oothout
 | Photographer