Emily and Brant

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How We Met

Brant and Emily first met the last summer of high school while on a double date with their best friends at the Haywood Mall. They dated briefly during that summer, but when they returned to their respective schools for their senior year they decided that it was best to go their separate ways Six years later, in the Fall of 2014, Brant reached out to Emily and they decided to meet up for dinner to catch up. Brant was working on finishing his second bachelors degree, a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University while also playing football for them. Emily had just graduated with her BFA in Interior Design. They hit it off right away, and planned a second date. Countless football games, dates, texts, and phone calls later, here they are getting married 2 days after their 2 year anniversary!

how they asked

On their first date in Greenville, Brant took Emily up to the dam on Paris Mountain and was teaching her how to skip rocks, followed by hiking, and later on, a movie. For the engagement, it only seemed right for Brant to take Emily back up to Paris Mountain. Just like the first date, they went to the dam and began to skip rocks. Brant would grab some rocks and hand them to Emily, still helping her try to skip them. Brant collected one more handful of good skipping rocks and secretly pulled the ring out of his pocket. Brant handed Emily the rocks, one by one, until all he had left was the ring. Brant said “Try this rock.” as he took a knee and showed Emily the ring. Brant said “I love you, will you please marry me?” Of course Emily was ecstatic and started jumping up and down and screaming after saying yes!

Special Thanks

Christa Rene Mazak
 | Photographer