Emily and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met in the silliest way! We met when we both were students at Texas A&M University. I worked at Fuzzy’s Tacos and he came in one afternoon for some food. I perked up when I saw him walk in the door, I thought he was so cute. But what was I supposed to do? I just took his order, we had some silly small talk and he was on his way. I thought that was the last I would see him.

Maybe two days later I was working again and oh my gosh the cute boy from the other day came in the door again, and this time with some friends. This made me even more nervous because even if I had the courage to talk to him by himself, I definitely didn’t have it now with all his friends around. Once I took all their orders and they all sat down we kept making flirty eye contact all throughout their meal and I thought my heart was going to stop every time he looked at me! But once again he left, and I felt so upset that I still knew nothing about this mystery hottie.

That night, when I got off work I was headed straight out to a birthday party on northgate, which was our college bar district. While waiting outside in a line to get in one of our favorite bars I was tapped on the shoulder by some random person. I turned around and it was the mystery hottie from Fuzzys! He asked if I was the cute girl from behind the counter and once I realised all those flirtatious looks weren’t all in my imagination I just smiled ear to ear. We ended up dancing the night away, we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history! Thank goodness for small college towns for uniting taco girl with mystery hottie.

how they asked

Brandon and I have been dating long distance for over a year now and we have been together for over two years. We’ve been anxiously awaiting his official notice of transfer to Houston, TX (where I live) and we finally received it at the beginning of December! Finally everything was coming together. We picked an apartment and our future plans were starting to become a reality. So I guess Brandon saw it fit to finally pull the trigger. On December 10th he drove me to a small park with a little gazebo in the middle.

As we were walking up to the gazebo I saw a Christmas tree right in the middle. There were a bunch of red ornaments all over it and when we got up to the tree Brandon said “Emily turn and look at the ornaments, I personalized them for us.” So then I realize all of the ornaments have hand painted dates on them. Dates like our first kiss, the first time we said “I love you,” and our first vacation together.

After I spent a few seconds going through all of the ornaments and remembering all the dates and what they symbolised, I came to the last one. It was larger than the other ornaments, and it was right in the middle of the tree, and it had that days date on it in big white paint, 12/10/16.

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When I turned to look at him to ask him what that meant, he was already on one knee and he asked me to marry him!

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12/10/16 was instantly my favorite date we shared together and I can’t wait to make more memories with him as my hubby!

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Special Thanks

Arielle Valenzuela
 | photographer