Emily and Brandon

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How We Met

Ever since I was a little girl, my father would tell me fairy tales about my future husband. Never the “princess and the prince”, it was always Emily and her husband. He would describe all of the ways that a man should win my heart, how he should treat me, and the true meaning of happily ever after. Never in my lifetime did I think that all of his stories would come true! Brandon and I met in the summer of 2014, and we immediately hit it off. We hung out every weekend for about two months, spending crazy nights riding on the tops of golf carts together, going to rodeos, dancing, and avoiding the fact that we were the only ones who couldn’t tell that we liked each other. We even stayed together as roommates for over a year before we fessed up to having feelings for each other! After two years of being great friends, Brandon finally got up the nerve to ask me on our first date. We went to the rodeo at the county fair and ended the night by dancing under the stars.

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Brandon has helped me not only to rekindle but to create friendships that will last a lifetime. He has brought me into a family that has welcomed me and made me feel like one of their own. Blessed me with the opportunity to have a sister, brother-in-law, and a beautiful nephew with another one on the way! He has taken the time to earn the respect of my father, the love of my mother, and if it weren’t for me – I think my brother would have tried to marry him first! Now almost two years later, I truly feel like I’ve won the lottery. This wonderful man comes home from a long 12 hour day at work with a smile on his face, and immediately asks me what he can do for me today. I have never felt more loved in my entire life than I have with this man. He is the kindest, most generous, and loving individual I have ever met. And yes – I am 110% biased.

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how they asked

I always wonder how many people can say that they were actually surprised by their engagement, but let me tell you, I WAS SURPRISED. Brandon and I cannot keep secrets to save our lives. Over the last two years, we’ve given each other our Christmas/birthday presents early because we can’t keep it a secret. For months Brandon had been cooking up plans that I knew nothing about. He enlisted the help of our friend Kailina, an incredibly talented videographer, and together they hatched a master proposal plan, leaving me completely in the dark. Kailina sent us a message, asking us to help build her portfolio for her clients. She said that she always gets people asking about “surprise proposal videos”, but that she didn’t have any examples to show them. We said yes immediately because we love working with her and always love having the videos and pictures to keep as memories. The plan was that we would be doing a styled shoot. Kailina had a beautiful dress donated to me, had my hair and makeup done by an incredible artist, booked a beautiful venue, had a bouquet made for me, and had a ring “donated” for the shoot.

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Little did I know, Brandon and Kailina were working together with an amazing photographer, Jen, to make this experience beautiful and unforgettable. They all went to the jewelry store together and took pictures and video of Brandon picking out the ring. The next day, after getting my hair an makeup done, I go to meet up with Brandon at the venue expecting to see the ring that Kailina said was donated for the shoot (she found a picture of one on google and sent it to me). When I walk into the venue, I see flowers lining a walkway to where Brandon stood waiting for me. Immediately I knew that they had lied to me the entire time. Brandon walked to me, got down on one knee, opened the ring box upside down, and asked me to marry him. The first words out of my mouth were “…but wait, that’s MY ring! That’s not the ring that she sent me a picture of!”, followed by “YES!!” and a whole lot of “OH MY GOD IS THIS REAL?!”

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I am so overwhelmed by the amount of love that was poured out on our engagement. Brandon put so much thought and effort into his proposal plan. Kailina and Jen blessed us with their kind hearts and amazing talent. I am so thankful for everyone who came together to make this day perfect and unforgettable, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.


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Special Thanks

Kailina Erickson
 | Planning and Videography (Roots and Wings Productions)
Jennifer Elle
 | Photographer
Royal Makeup and Hair
 | Make-up Artist
Filly Flair
 | Dress
Tex Ranch
 | Venue