Emily and Bradley

How We Met

We met when we were 15 years old in Spanish class , I remember the first time I saw him, everything changed, I was shy at that age but for some reason I felt no hesitation about telling him exactly how I felt, I remember saying point blank “I like you” and ever since then we have been best friends. I can’t imagine a day without him, we are always on the same page; He brings balance and joy to my life everyday.

how they asked

We love to go camping and travel as much as we can. So last month we were out camping in Eastern Oregon and that evening we decided to hike up to Tumalo Falls. It was an extremely hot day and I remember we weren’t talking very much because it was so hot and we were focused on walking up the trail when I started to notice his cheesy grin…I kept saying “what? whats so funny?” and he kept saying “nothing I just love you”. Eventually we decided to sit on some rocks by the river in the shade and drink some water, I was enjoying the view of the river and how peaceful everything felt when all of a sudden Brad is kneeling in front of me with that same cheesy grin on his face holding a beautiful ring. It was so perfect and so us.