Emily and Brad

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How We Met

Brad and I went to school together since I was in grade 7 but we didn’t officially meet until I was in grade 12 and he was one year graduated! It’s crazy to say but we met over social media, Snapchat to be exact! He put his Snapchat name on instagram and I decided to add him and then he messaged me on Snapchat and then it was history!

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We went on a couple dates and the third one we went on a hike to a beautiful waterfall! It was an amazing day and when we were back at our vehicles we sat on his tailgate and talked for a while! It just felt so easy to open up to him and he made me the happiest I’ve ever been! Then all a sudden out of no where he kisses me and that was the moment I knew it was him and I for the rest of our lives! He always surprises me and it just always makes me think of that moment and how special it was!

Emily and Brad's Engagement in Harrison Hot Springs

how they asked

It was a complete surprise to me! I had no idea it was coming! Okay so Brad and I have been searching for this waterfall of a long time and we finally had a day where we both weren’t working so we decided to go and find this waterfall! Little did I know he already had this whole day planned and knew we were gonna go this day a long time ago!

We drove about an hour away from where we live and got to the place where we thought lead to it and started hiking up! It was a super hot day and I was exhausted going up the hill! Also a side note I’m terrified of bears, so while we are hiking which it’s in the middle of no where I’m telling Brad we should turn around cause what if a bear comes out or something! But he said nope you can do it babe I’m here and I have my bear spray we will be okay!

So we kept hiking and finally make it to what looked like a path we started walking down it and the further we went the more you could start hearing the water! Finally we made it we could see the waterfall I was so excited because I’ve always wanted to find this waterfall and only a handful of people have ever been to it! When we got down to it Brad and I walked onto the deck that was built above the water looking at the waterfall and right away I got my camera out and started taking pictures of course! I’m a photographer so of course I had to!

While I was taking pictures enjoying the falls Brad was looking through his backpack and then he walked up behind me and hugged me! He told me he loved me and then said Emily and stepped back and I turned about and he was on one knee!!!! I couldn’t believe it I started screaming and crying I was so overwhelmed with joy! I said YES of course! We cried and hugged! Then after we started to settle down he put the ring on my finger and we just hung out at the beautiful waterfall and enjoyed the rest of our day that will forever be one of my favourite days!!!

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