Emily and Andy

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How We Met

Andy and I met a little campground in Earlville, Iowa in July of 2015. Sparks were flying the first day. One of the girls I worked with went camping every weekend with Andy and she wanted me to meet him. We spent the weekend camping together and really connected! The next weekend I came camping again with him and he asked me to be his girlfriend in just a week! He must’ve knew I was the one :) Here we are two and half years later and now planning our wedding!

how they asked

In November of 2017, Andy’s cousin, Travis married the love of his life Caitlin. Andy was an usher in the wedding! A month before the wedding, Caitlin asked Andy when he was going to propose. He said sometime around the holidays and Caitlin’s response was… “Why don’t you do it at our wedding?!” Andy thought about it for a week with a little extra push from Caitlin and decided okay. At the wedding they called all the single ladies to the dance floor for the bouquet toss. Andy’s sister was adamant that I was on the dance floor in the front row for the toss — okay fine I want to catch this! Caitlin went to toss the bouquet and instead of tossing it, she turned around and handed it to me!!

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My initial thought was “what the heck, why did she just hand this to me? Oh well it’s mine!” Meanwhile Andy’s sister was telling me to turn around. So I turn around to Andy making his way through 30+ girls who all wanted this boutique and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I stood there in total shock and of course said YES!

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