Emily and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met in high school when I decided to transfer to a new school. We were sophomores and barely noticed each other at first. He later told me his first impression of me was that he thought I was a “weirdo”. I told him his face annoyed me. Fast forward to our junior year and we had a ton of classes together. Our second period class was history and because of our last names starting with the letter S, he sat behind me. Slowly but surely we started talking in class and then came the constant flirting. During class he would play with my hair, say things over my shoulder, the whole nine yards. I remember going home to my mom almost everyday and telling her about this guy, Andrew, who was such a flirt. We never spoke outside of school because his parents did not add the texting feature to his phone. Eventually he had texting added to his plan and ran up to me in the hall saying “I GOT TEXTING! What’s your number?!” I laughed and didn’t actually give him my number at first. After giving it some more thought I messaged him on facebook later that night and we exchanged numbers. We talked every night after he was done football practice until we both fell asleep. I looked forward to 10pm more than I had in my entire life. Even in the first months of our friendship, I could tell he cared about me so much. We lived in separate towns so we did not see each other over the summer. We were so excited for September! We began our senior year with the intention of dating and spending time together. We thankfully had some classes together again but would sneak off in between classes to meet up. In October, Andrew asked me to go to the Homecoming dance with him. My mom was against the idea because she did not know him from Adam, as she would say. The day of the dance I convinced my mom to let me go with him. Although super last minute, he still made it so special. He was able to get a corsage right before I came over for pictures. We danced ALL night and had such a great time. At the very end of the night, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember being so excited that he told me I never even said yes, I just nodded.

The summer after our senior year was filled with a range of emotions and events. We spent senior week together in Wildwood, NJ. His parents were not in full support of our relationship but we were able to move past it. I went away to school while Andrew continued to work at home. I came home every weekend to spend time with him and my family. At this point, Andrew was officially apart of the family. Him and my sister were very close and my mom welcomed him as one of her own.

During my senior year of college, Andrew became sick and required four rounds of treatments and two surgeries. This was the most difficult time we’ve had together. Being unsure of the future and watching the person you love go through so much was one of the hardest things I ever hope to experience. Through it all, Andrew protected my emotions and well being by being strong and courageous. He never let me see him feel weak or sick. I couldn’t be prouder of the man he was through that journey. Almost six months following his original diagnosis, Andrew was given a clear bill of health. His doctor called him following his second surgery and shared the news with him. I remember sitting across the room from him, anxiously awaiting the news when he had tears coming down his face. I ran over to comfort him and he said he was clear. I couldn’t help but grab him and cry. I will never forget this moment.

how they asked

Florida is one of our favorite vacation destination. Andrew loves the seafood and I love the water. This was our second time to St. Pete Beach together. We had decided to take a short vacation since we weren’t able to in the summer. Andrew hinted that I should get a manicure before going, but I didn’t think anything of it. The day we arrived he was very set on walking on the beach that night. That didn’t seem so out of the ordinary to me because the last time we went, we walked on the beach our first night to a beach bar. We left our hotel to walk to the beach when we were hit with our first obstacle! The beach we were walking onto was 1) closed for construction and 2) had a wedding on it. Still wanting to walk on the beach, we walked about two blocks to the next entrance. When we got to the beach we both took our shoes off. Andrew kept mentioning how crowded the beach was and I kept telling him it was because it was a beautiful night. He requested we walked on dry sand because it is easier to walk on (totally not true). I was babbling on about finding this beach bar when Andrew starts grabbing his foot, claiming he stepped on something and hurt it. It is HIGHLY likely this were to actually happened so as I walked over to him I said “Well it’s a good thing I brought band-aids, but they are back in the hotel”, he grabbed my hand and started to talk. I can’t even remember what he said at first. I remember asking him “what are you doing?”. He was so nervous, it was so cute. He told me that we have been together for 8 years and have gone through so much together and he knows that we can spend many more years together and continue to handle whatever life throws at us. I was in total shock. He took out the ring and I quickly grabbed the ring from the box and then I said “wait…do I put this on or do you?”. He put the ring on my finger and it was beautiful. I quickly ask, “Did mom know?” He said “Of course she does.” I called my mom immediately and we both shared our excitement!

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It was such an amazing moment with an incredible guy.

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