Emily and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met 6 years ago at the Volusia County fair in DeLand, Florida.

Alex is a musician and at the time he was playing in a band that attracted a ton of teeny boppers. I just so happened to be one of those teeny boppers. I saw his band play 2 times before I actually met him.

The first time was at the Daytona Beach Bandshell where my friend Kelly and I were goo goo eyes over Alex’s friend, Chris. A couple of months later we heard they were playing at The Casements in Ormond Beach, Florida. This picture was taken on the stage at The Casements a few weeks ago when we were looking at it as a possible venue for our wedding reception. HOW CRAZY!

Looking back now, the second time I saw Alex play at The Casements made it seem like it is destiny that we are together now. I met both of Alex’s parents that night, but not him. Kelly and I were standing in line to talk to Chris after the show, but instead we talked to Alex’s mom and of course she was bragging about her son, who just so happened to be Alex. When we were leaving, we noticed my mom standing at a man’s car. We walked over and it just so happened to be Alex’s dad who was also bragging about his son. He also invited us to their church which is the church I have been attending for over a year now. HOW IRONIC!

The third time I saw Alex was a total coincidence. I was at the Volusia County Fair to see my niece show her goat. Kelly and I were walking around the fair grounds and we heard a familiar voice singing. We walked past the stage and it was Chris and Alex playing music. There wasn’t a huge crowd so we decided to stay and talk to them afterwards. I finally met Alex and most of the topic of conversation was about Kelly’s broken ankle. I was really shy at the time, but Alex really stood out to me.

We became friends on social media, but there was never much conversation. We would comment on each other’s posts every now and then, but that was it. It wasn’t until 2014, when I posted a status about wanting to go see Maroon 5 and if anyone was interested in going with me. Alex immediately texted me and told me he would love to go. We talked every day for a couple of weeks until he invited me to see his new band play at a restaurant called Pub 44, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I was so nervous and excited that he invited me, but of course I dressed up and went. I watched his band play for a couple of hours, we played a game or two of corn hole and then we went to McDonald’s and sat in the parking lot for hours telling each other about ourselves and playing our favorite songs for each other.

That was December 5th, 2014. We have been inseparable every weekend since that night. By the way, we never went to the Maroon 5 show. ;)

how they asked

Alex proposed in the most perfect way. I would not change anything about it.

He proposed on Valentine’s Day which was a Sunday this past year. Our day started out at church and then we went to grab lunch afterwards. We went to Subway and picked up subs. I was starving, but Alex said I wasn’t allowed to eat until we got to where we were going.

After about a 20 minute drive, we arrived at a lake in the woods that had a few picnic tables. I noticed that one of the picnic tables was decorated very nicely with a picture of us on the table.

I became nervous and excited, because I thought that might have been the moment he was going to propose. I think that was his motive all along: To make me really excited and make me think he was going to do it, so when he didn’t do it I would be completely surprised that night.

It worked.

We had a lovely picnic at the lake in the woods and then we went shopping for the rest of the day. I know now that he had a few hours to blow before the proposal, so that is why we went shopping.

Around 7PM, we headed back to his house and Alex told me he had reservations at a restaurant at 8PM. He told me I only had enough time to change my clothes if I wanted to. As soon as we got to his house, I was rushing to get ready. I was in the bathroom fixing my make-up when he texted me and told me instead of 5 minutes I had 30 minutes. I texted him back and asked him if I had enough time to curl my hair. He didn’t text me back, so I started curling my hair. BIG MISTAKE!

He didn’t text me back because his phone died as he was telling me no. What happened was one of the strings of light went out and he was panicking to get it back on. So he told me to take longer to get ready, but the light came right back on as soon as he did. When the string of lights came back on, his mom knocked on the bathroom door and told me she had a new decoration in the backyard that she wanted to show me.

I didn’t want to come out of the bathroom because only one half of my head was curled, but I knew I had to.

We walked out on the pool deck and all I saw when I opened the door was a rose lit path with tea light candles and Alex standing at the end of it. Our wedding song, The Wedding Song by Matthew Mole was playing in the background. The tent Alex was standing under was decorated with strings of white lights, pictures of us and a record player. It was absolutely beautiful.

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I made my way to Alex and I could tell how nervous he was. I had never seen him so vulnerable, crying and shaking like a wet dog. He hugged me and immediately got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was such a special moment.

When we turned around, some of our family and friends came out of hiding and completely surprised me.
We got to spend the night with our loved ones and start a new beginning while eating delicious food and making s’mores over a fire.

It was the most magical moments of my life thus far.

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