Emily and Al

How We Met

We met junior year of college at UT in Knoxville, which is crazy because our parents only live 1 mile away from each other back home in Memphis and we had a lot of mutual friends! it was weird now thinking about it because it was like we had never met before or noticed each other, then all of a sudden we just started seeing each other everywhere. I thought Al was a little crazy at first because every time I would see him out he would tell me how good I smelled haha, v creepy!

One night my friend and I went to our friend Beau’s house, not realizing that Beau and Al were actually cousins and roommates. We were drinking and got this funny idea to prank call some of our friends (no idea where that came from, vodka I guess) and spent the night giggling and thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever. We hung out almost everyday if not every single day after that. A couple of weeks later we went to Brewers Jam together and kissed, the rest is history!

how they asked

It was my 25th birthday, and he surprised me with tickets for a trip to Jamaica this May! So of course I’m thinking oh my god that’s when it’s happening, it’s going to be perfect, I’m going to be R E A D Y! The next night we are going to birthday dinner with our parents in collierville, not a big deal, so I don’t even wash my hair!!! We get to the square and we are all walking around taking pics on the selfie stick and his mom was like ” let me get one of just you and Al.” So, we’re just standing there posing and he stops and I tap him like what are you doing? And then I look at his face and see him take a deep breath.

He dropped down and I couldn’t do anything but drop down too and just cry and say OH MY GOD over and over! I’m so glad we have a video because I think I blacked out from the excitement a little ha ha. It was perfect, I couldn’t believe he surprised me. To have our parents there, and for it to be in our hometown where we grew up and have separate memories of this place, and now to have made such a special one there together just makes my heart full.

Our Video

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