Emily and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I have known each other most of our lives. We went to the same elementary school, same high school, worked at the same summer camp and had similar social circles but I wouldn’t say we were ever really friends…until 2013 that is. When I was in 5th year, and he was in grade 12 we had Food and Nutrition class together. We finally became friends due to many group assignments we did together; but there was still no love interest between the two of us. Summer of 2014 came and we both spent the entire 2 months counselling at Conestoga Bible Camp (CBC) together.

It wasn’t until then that I realized, “he’s actually kinda cute!” and “I could date him!”. I kept my new found crush a secret so my friends couldn’t make things awkward and I used my role as camp leadership to my advantage in order get more time with him. Little did I know he was having the same feelings I was and was looking for opportunities to be around me as well. Needless to say, by the end of the summer our secrets got out and we made things official. :)

Our first photo together (above) taken at our Camp Appreciation Dinner the night after we confessed our mutual liking for each other.

how they asked

We had spent the entire summer apart from each other (except for most weekends) because Adam was away working. I spent the last week of summer (August 28 – September 2nd) counselling Youth Camp at CBC (the place our relationship began). During this week we celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Sept 1st but were unable to see each other due to me being at camp and Adam being at work. I was disappointed I wasn’t able to see the man I loved on the day of our anniversary but I knew we were planning on going out for a nice dinner the next night, Friday, Sept 2nd.

I had just finished the week at camp and was finally home relaxing before we went out for dinner. I knew Adam would be home from work in an hour so I decided I should start getting ready. As soon as I stepped out of the shower my phone rang. It was him. I answered and he told me his sister forgot her shoes at CBC and she needed him to pick them up before he came home from work. He told me he was there picking them up but he turned his car off and it wouldn’t start again so he needed me to come pick him up. I was mad because I was in the middle of getting ready for our date and I had just got home from camp and didn’t want to go back there to get him so I told him to call someone in his family to come get him.

He told me he couldn’t because everyone in his family was at work. Unimpressed I left my house to drive up to camp to get him. Before I left I said to my parents “maybe he is lying to me and is actually going to propose”. Although the thought crossed my mind, I didn’t actually think he would do it that night. As I drove up to camp I realized some things he said on the phone didn’t really make much sense. But again, I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t want to get my hopes up incase it wasn’t happening.

When I pulled onto the camp property I parked beside his car where he was waiting for me. That’s when I started to get nervous (but really really excited!!). He came and opened my door, helped me out of the car, and took me down to the water where he had a blanket set up on the grass. We sat down and he gave me my anniversary gift. It was a book.

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I started reading the book and knew exactly what was going to happen. My mind was going too crazy to focus and read the book so he read it to me instead. The booked contained every date we have gone on over the course of our relationship with the date it happened, a description of what we did, and pictures to go with most (if not every) date. The book ended with a letter to me, and a picture of us from Disney wearing bride and groom Micky Mouse hats with the caption “It’s time to flip to the next chapter, SO….”. That’s when he helped me up from the blanket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

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Of course, I SAID YES!

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