Emily and Adam

How We Met: We had both just started at a new restaurant that had opened up in Kansas City, where we are both from. He was hired on as the bar manager and I was working as the hostess. We met the first day of menu training, and were instantly drawn to each other. That whole summer we spent getting to know each other and staying late at work, just so we could hang out. Since managers and employees were not allowed to have romantic relationships (whoops!) we decided to leave the restaurant we were working at and pursue other jobs so we could stay together. Adam eventually landed a job in his field, but it was all the way in Cincinnati, OH and I was still in college in Kansas City. We decided to pursue a long distance relationship for a year, which was extremely tough, but we made it out on the other side! I got a job in Cincinnati, and a few days after my college graduation I drove 10 hours to Ohio and the rest is history!

Image 1 of Emily and Adam

how they asked: how they asked was very sweet and genuine. There was no flash mob or hidden photo shoot involved, which is just the way I wanted it to happen. We were leaving for a 24 hour road trip to Montana at the end of the week, a vacation that we had been looking forward to for months. As we were rushing around our apartment packing and getting things in order, he suddenly stopped me from what I was doing. I was starting to get upset at him because I needed to pack and he was stopping me! But nevertheless, I listened to what he had to say anyway. He held my hands and explained to me that he was really looking forward to our journey to the mountains for vacation, and that’s when he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I immediately started crying, but was trying to control myself so I could listen to what he had to say. He looked me in the eyes, in the middle of our living room, got down on one knee, and asked me “will you start another journey with me?”
Followed by a “will you marry me?” I SAID YES!!!

Image 2 of Emily and Adam