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how they asked

Adam and I have been together for about eight years now. I knew a proposal was coming soon, but I didn’t know how. We’re not really romantic people, so I wasn’t expecting anything big. All we ever really do is hang out, eat, and watch movies. So on Sunday, Adam took me to church. After, I asked him what the plan was for the rest of the day, and he told me that his brother had tickets to go see the newest Maze Runner, but couldn’t go anymore. I thought that was great because I wanted to see it. So he gets the tickets out of his parents’ car while we’re still at the church, and we go to lunch. After lunch, we went to the mall. He said the movie started at 2:15, but we got there early, so we shopped around a little bit. We finally went down to the theater, and we go inside. When we go back to the theater, I notice that the showtime says 3:15. I was annoyed that we were there an hour early, but he was sure it started at 2:15.

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He finally convinces me to go inside, and there is no one in there and the screen is black. He said let’s go get candy and we’ll come back and see. So we get candy and go back to the theater. When we get in, there are previews playing. We are still the only people in the whole theater. I still wasn’t sure, so I checked online to see that the movie does for sure start at 3:15. But, the previews were playing, so I just forgot about it. After a few previews play, they suddenly cut out and the screen goes black. A lady comes in saying that the projector wasn’t working, but they were going to get it up and running again as soon as possible. I was confused and annoyed, but Adam kept saying that if it didn’t actually play, we would just leave. Shortly after the lady made the announcement, the sweetest video started playing. It was us! I look at him in utter shock, and he tells me to just watch. I sit there and watch a slideshow video of pictures of us from when we first started dating until now. The photos are on a timeline from when we were 15 until now. The song playing in the background was Treasure by Bruno Mars, which is my absolute favorite! I watch the video with a huge smile on my face, and at this point, I know what’s up. After the video, he grabbed my hand. I was fighting back tears at this point. He tells me that he has loved me for so long and that this was the perfect way to propose because this is us. He finally said, “Will you marry me?”

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I just said, “Oh my God, yes!” After this, I just jump on top of him because I am just so excited! He tells me to put on the ring, so I do, but of course, I’m just hugging and kissing him now. After we hug and kiss, I realize my friend had been hiding in the seats to take pictures. This was seriously the sweetest thing, and it was better than any proposal than I ever could have imagined! After the proposal, we just went home and watched the video a few more times. He told me that we were going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, which is my absolute favorite restaurant. So later, we get there, and he surprises me again! My parents and little sister and his parents were all there to celebrate with us! The whole day was just absolutely perfect, and I never saw it coming!

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