Emily and Aaron

As Christmas 2016 approached, Aaron knew what Emily really wanted. They were ready to begin their lives together, but he had a big plan to get them there. He booked the flights and the hotels, and surprised Emily with a four-day weekend in New York City for New Years Eve. On their first night in the city, Emily and Aaron ate dinner at Robert, a sweet little restaurant on the top floor of the Museum of Art and Design. From their table, the couple looked over Columbus Circle and into Central Park. After dinner, they walked along the park to Rockefeller Center, and arrived just in time to watch a grand proposal take place on the ice. It was fabulous, and Emily eagerly took photos of the excitement. Aaron quickly suggested they walk across the street to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The couple scurried in the rush of New York at the holidays. Inside the entry of the church, Emily paused to absorb the beauty of the space. “Don’t you want to walk up to the front?” Aaron asked. And so they did. Emily asked a nice-looking woman to take a photo of them in the beautiful Cathedral, which was still decorated for Christmas. Just as she passed off the smartphone, Aaron reached into his jacket. “Emily Louise….” the rest of what he said was a blur except for the last of it, “…will you marry me?” The crowd around them broke out in applause, and Emily cried in excitement.

Emily's Proposal in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City