Emily and Aaron

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How We Met

I didn’t really get to know Aaron until a couple years after high school. Aaron attended the same high school as me but only for a semester and at the time I had a boyfriend so in Aaron’s mind I was “off limits” to even get to know. Years later I was working part-time at a law firm, while also going to school when I received an email saying we were welcoming someone new to the firm – Aaron Baca. In my mind, the name sounded super familiar and when I started to search my memory bank I remembered why. Recalling the name I thought, “Oh yeah, Aaron was that stuck up guy from high school that never talked to me even though we had a lot of the same friends”. I even mentioned to my sister how I wasn’t too thrilled that he would be joining the firm since I didn’t think he was too nice BUT that I did think he was super attractive. Fast forward a couple days and weeks later and Aaron and I slowly started to hit it off while having conversations at the front desk, increasingly joining each other for lunch, and while Aaron would walk me to my car after the workday. Every day I was more and more excited to go to work and spend more time with him. Even while he was distracting me I’d always look forward to him coming to my desk for a morning hug or a silly or deep conversation. Eventually, Aaron asked me on our first date, which at the time I didn’t even realize was a date, and the rest is history!

how they asked

One of the first times Aaron really spent time with my family was at the annual Old Town Holiday Stroll. I was so excited for him to come along with my family as this is something that had become a tradition over the years to welcome the Christmas season. Strolling in and out of stores, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the tree lighting, while making unforgettable memories is what I looked forward to every year and why this tradition had become so important to me. Exactly one year later from Aaron’s first time joining my family and I, Aaron asked me to marry him.

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The night before Aaron had told me that our friend from high school, Lyric, who is a professional photographer, was going to be at the stroll and that Aaron had asked Lyric to take a couple of pictures of us since it was going to be a fun night and my family would be there to get in on the pictures – I didn’t think anything of it! The day of I had no idea what the evening would bring. We met each other at my parents’ house after work and proceeded to go to Old Town with my parents, my sister, and my sister’s boyfriend, while some of my aunts and uncles were meeting us there. We watched the tree lighting and were walking around enjoying each other’s company when we “ran into” some of Aaron’s family.

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Aaron then invited them to join us for pictures in front of the plaza near the church and I thought it was a great idea! As we waited for a little over 45 minutes for Lyric to show up, since he was stuck in traffic, I couldn’t understand why everyone was being so patient to take a picture while I was ready to go after waiting just 15 minutes. Eventually, Lyric came and, after introductions had been made, asked us to all get together for a group photo. Lyric snapped a couple with everyone and then said, “Okay, now just Emily and Aaron.” When everyone was moving out of the frame I jokingly said to Aaron, “That’s funny, it’s like it’s our wedding.” Lyric went on to take pictures just of us. I remember I kept hearing Lyric say, “That looks awesome! That looks awesome!” Which I later found out was the code phrase for Aaron to get down on one knee.

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Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my parents and all of our family pull out their phones and start taking pictures, before I could figure out why, Aaron was looking me in the eye, reaching in his pocket, and getting down on one knee. Then, it all happened – Aaron asked me to marry him! I was so surprised I couldn’t process what was going on but I think Aaron was too because I said “yes” about 3 times before Aaron even heard me. Once I realized what had just happened I started shaking and crying – I was so happy! Our family congratulated us and the night from then on out was unforgettable and it has since become my favorite Holiday Stroll to date!

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Special Thanks

Lyric Moya
 | Photographer