Emily and Aaron

Emily and Aaron's Engagement in My grandmothers house/the beach

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend. I had been single for about 5 years at this point, and I liked it that way. I was out with my friend one night and we ran into Aaron. Now I had seen him around but never had been formally introduced. Throughout the next couple of months we would run I to each other more often. We became pretty good aquantinces at this point and I finally asked for his number. As time went on we just hung out more and more as friends. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Finally friendship bloomed into something more. We decided to give it a try as a couple. And the rest is history.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My grandmothers house/the beach

how they asked

This was going to be our third Thanksgiving together. The previous years we would make the rounds between our families in Atlanta. This year I wanted to be able to introduce Aaron to my extended family in Florida. And also enjoy a warmer holiday! I had started to come down with a seasonal cold the previous weekend. Even though i felt like death, we decided to go ahead and make the trip. We headed down to Tallahassee early Thanksgiving morning. It was a beautiful day. 86 and sunny. We had lunch at my grandmothers river house and mingled with cousins, aunts and uncles.

As the day went on, I felt worse and worse. Clearly this cold wasn’t going away. We then headed back to my other grandmothers house and had dinner. Before we ate, my grandma asked everyone to say what they’re thankful for. Aaron, being the sweet man he is, said he was thankful for me and being able to be apart of my families Thanksgiving this year.

After eating, everyone is getting ready for coffee. I walk up to him and grab his hand, which is super sweaty! Thinking he’s getting sick too, I ask him why he’s so hot and sweaty. He immediately responded he was fine and yanked his hand away. He said he was going to hang with the family in the living room to get to know themand to please grab coffee for him. I make his coffee and decide I want some too.

I walk down the stairs into the living room with piping hot coffee in both hands. I look up and he’s on one knee with the ring.

He says ‘Emily, I love you more than you know. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife?’ I lost it. I didn’t know what to do with my hands full of coffee so I just hugged him and cried! It’s not the perfect photographed proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower. But what makes it special is that it is us. Messy hair, comfy pajamas, sickness and all. He proposed in a home I grew up in. It’s fun to think back on myself as a teenager not knowing what the future held in that very room.

He then planned a trip to the beach for the rest of the weekend to celebrate! I didn’t even feel sick anymore, I was over the moon!