Emily and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met about 3 years prior to dating, but only briefly. After meeting, we followed each other on social media and for the next 3 years, we had absolutely no interaction with each other. I posted a sunset one day on my Instagram story and he actually sent me a message regarding that story. This sparked a curiosity in me about him so I went to his page soon after and realized he had become this amazing photographer and took so many incredible photos! We would occasionally reply to stories each of us would post and eventually I added him on this questionnaire app called FriendO. We played each other for about a week until he finally asked for my number. We texted here and there and then one day when he was traveling home from a job he called me and we talked for hours. From then on we talked every chance we could! After about 3 months of really getting to know each other he asked me to be his girlfriend, and now, exactly a year later, he asked me to be his wife!!

How They Asked

Words cannot describe how magical and perfect this day truly was but I will try my best! I woke up on March 11th, which was our one year dating anniversary, to a video link that Aaron had sent me. The video was a compilation of videos he had been taking of me from our previous year together. It was the sweetest video and I still cry every time I watch it! At the end of the video, there was a slide that informed me someone would be coming to my house for hair and makeup and just to relax and enjoy the day! I had so many questions but chose to just let it play out!! He texted me and told me he would be at my house to pick me up at 1:30 for our date. I was so curious and excited! When he got to my house he told me we were on a schedule and had to leave.

Where to Propose in Western Oklahoma

Emily and Aaron's Engagement in Western Oklahoma

After three hours in the car and plenty of curiosity and questions, we arrived at a helicopter hanger where we were met with a photographer! I was honestly so nervous about the helicopter but once we took off the nerves faded. It was so beautiful and peaceful! After about 30 minutes, we came over the most beautiful canyon! I still wasn’t sure what was going on, but the helicopter started to descend and the nerves started back up! The pilot landed us on this cliff overlooking the canyon and it was absolutely breathtaking!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Western Oklahoma

Aaron let me out of the helicopter and we walked closer to the edge. At the edge, he gave me the sweetest speech where tears were shed and then got down on one knee with the helicopter in the distance and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! Talk about a FAIRYTALE! It was by far the easiest and most favorite yes I have ever said!! Words seriously do not do this day justice but the pictures capture some of the magic that happened. This is a day I will cherish and remember forever!

Special Thanks

Brianna Record
 | Photographer