Emilly and Mateo

Image 1 of Emilly and Mateo

I’m just overwhelmed with tears of Joy! January 1st, 2016 New Years Day! I was on top of the cruise ship just standing observing the immense beautiful ocean! From a distance I heard the sounds of an antique airplane, a beautiful yellow plane in the sky. At the moment I didn’t think much of it until I kept staring. Suddenly the closer it came the clearer I could see the huge sign trailing behind. EMI … (My heart suddenly felt as if it dropped to the floor) …. I then kept reading out the most beautiful words… WILL YOU MARRY ME? … I couldn’t help but break down into tears… One of The moments I’ve dreamt of since I was a little girl! My Engagement! In disbelief I turned around to look at Mateo … And when I did so… There he was on His knees with the absolute most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen in my life … It was as if everything around me froze and all I saw was his mouth moving “Will you Marry Me?” And I just stood there in absolute shock , staring at the ring and then at the plane and back to the ring… 2 mins of silence … Until he asked “Sooo is that a Yes” and suddenly it clicked! I’m Getting Married! And With the loudest voice in the world I Said “YES!!!!” I can’t get over how beautiful this custom vintage ring is! It’s absolutely breath taking! I just stay staring at my hand all day! I can’t believe I get to Marry the Man of My Dreams!

Image 2 of Emilly and Mateo