Emillee and Evan

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How We Met

It was 2013 and just 6 months before I graduated from Texas State University. I was at a business mixer, the last semester of college looking for a job, but instead found the love of my life. Evan is the type of guy that can light up a room. He takes the attention with his charisma and his tall build. The moment I saw Evan, I knew I had to have him. It felt like a magnet pulling me to him. It was truly love-at-first-sight, for me at least. Evan just said I was hot, so he came over and started talking to me about the mixer.

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After the mixer, I saw Evan and a girl I knew from class walking back to campus. I had luckily driven and somehow had the courage to stop and offer a ride. I later found out through a roommate he had a girlfriend, but I still found every opportunity I could to be around him. They later broke up and the rest is history. The more I got to know Evan, the better he got. Were going on 5 years together. We have never broken up once and even did long distance for a year!

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how they asked

This past year ended with the best surprise ever. I have been looking at your Instagram for about a year now dreaming of a ring on that finger and now I have the perfect ring and an epic proposal story! We visited Napa Valley California, this has been on my bucket list for some time now. We love wine tasting and the scenery is breathtaking.

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We had plans to ride along the Napa Valley wine train and stop at different vineyards along the way. I had everything planned out seamlessly, after months of planning. Evan disregarded my “type A” plans I had for the day and had a black Lincoln Navigator pick us up and drive us to the Sonoma airport.

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I watched us pass all of the wineries I had been dreaming about. Finally, we arrived and met a pilot named Zac. I still had no idea what we were doing. About 3 minutes later a helicopter landed (another bucket list item) and Evan grabs my hand and we hop in. At this point, I was just thinking he was being romantic. I was so thrilled to be on the ride. Napa is Beautiful from the air, all the rolling vineyards, the Sonoma coast and lush green landscape. We landed at Chalk Hill in the Russian River Region. Evan had a woman waiting for us with hot towels for our hands.

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He also had a table for 2 with champagne waiting. At this time, I figured something bigger might be happening. I was right, my favorite person asked me to spend forever with him!

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Special Thanks

Tj Salesman
 | Photographer
Helicopter Pilot
 | Planning