Emilie and Craig

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How We Met

Emilie: I met Craig in a small beach town called Grand Bend in the summer of 2009. Working at a deli for a summer job, Craig’s warm smile and green eyes caught my attention when he stopped by to say “hi” to my boss and friend. Our paths didn’t cross until a Monday night at Jam Nite, an open mic night popular with locals. I was new to the Jam Nite scene and decided to stay until the last song for the first time. To my delight, Craig was there too. He stood out as being not only the cutest guy in the bar but for defiantly wearing all black on a neon-themed Monday night.

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After the last encore, everyone walked down the street to get post-bar french fries where Craig introduced himself with the classic first line, “hi, I’m Craig.” We went on our first date the next day. Second date the day after that. And the rest is history! We have since moved to beautiful Alberta together, and have continued our love story under the great Alberta blue. Craig: Emilie and I met in the same lakeside town where my parents and grandparents met. Where her grandparents met. This is a magical place.

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She spent much of her life travelling the world until our lives intersected at the right place and the right time. On the same block as my parents first caught a glimpse of each other at the roller rink, I met my best friend and the love of my life. Our first date was on the day we met and our love story has taken us from the Great Lakes to the Canadian Rockies.

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how they asked

We love to explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains. John Muir famously said ‘the mountains are calling, and I must go.’ In Alberta, the mountains call often. After a busy summer, Craig suggested we answer the call and go for a hike. I often plan our adventures in the mountains but I had no idea I was planning the most important hike of our lives. The Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House hike had been on our list for a while. Getting an early start from Canmore on a snowy Saturday morning, we were the first to the trail head. Breaking the trail with not a single footprint in the fresh snowfall meant we were the only people on the mountain. With fresh powder up to our knees, we trekked to the quiet tea house prepared with our own lunch and hot tea. We dropped our packs on a bench and climbed to the second level of the tea house to take our traditional self-timer summit picture. Craig positioned the camera on a railing, set the timer, and rushed back to raise our arms in victory. “Let’s take one more,” he said. Craig set the timer a second time as I extended my arm for his return. He rushed back in place, took my hand and dropped to one knee.

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With tears in his eyes, he said the sweetest words, and asked me to marry him. The self timer expired and captured the moment as Craig slipped the most gorgeous ring on my finger. We sat down on a bench and enjoyed the moment as the only people on the trail in the silence of the mountains. I had so many questions. When did you ask my dad? When did you buy the ring? How did you keep this a secret? We enjoyed the moment and shared our exciting news with the first hikers to break through the trail since we had began our hike.

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We started the hike as boyfriend and girlfriend and were returning to the trail-head changed. We were engaged. We celebrated by taking photos at Lake Louise with a special ‘engaged’ banner Craig made, enjoyed a glass of champagne at the famous Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, where a kind couple offered to buy us a round of drinks to celebrate.

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This was a perfect day. Just me and the love of my life surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, ready to get married and start the next adventure.

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