Emilie and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met through a mutual friend (my maid of honor), when I was in nursing school. We dated briefly, but with the stress of building a career be parted ways. A year later, shortly after becoming a Registered Nurse, we reconnected and in that same week we both landed our dream jobs. I am a gastroenterology Nurse and he is a Paramedic/Firefighter. Life has been great to the both of us, and together we are enjoying every moment, living our dream!

how they asked

A surprise proposal in the blossoming white almond orchard. My boyfriend had mentioned the idea of getting both of our families together to take photos since neither of our families have EVER had them professionally taken.

He came up with this idea a few months ago & put everything together. He contacted a photographer, sent texts to both families regarding a specific color scheme, date & location. I was so excited & had been looking forward to this day for weeks! The morning of the big day, I got my make up done and then followed the direction of my boyfriend’s plan to meet at his mother’s house at 2pm. On my way to her house, I felt so beautiful, & was so excited to be with my loved ones. My heart however, was heavy. My grandmother had told me a week prior to this, that she wouldn’t be able to attend. At the beginning of this year, my grandma found a lump on her breast. On her 90th birthday, she underwent her lumpectomy, 2 weeks later, she suffered a major heart attack, & is unable to walk unassisted now. As hard as this all has been on me, to see the Matriarch of my family grow weaker as the days go by, her strong spirit and personality reminded me to just be happy and enjoy each moment that I have with the people I love.

2pm approaches, we all head out to the specific spot in the orchard. We begin with photos of his grandparents, my family, his family, then us. He tells both families to get together for the last shot, but wanted he and I to stand in the front. After the photographer snapped a few photos, my boyfriend got down on one knee and popped the question! I began crying tears of joy & of course, said yes! A few minutes passed by, and I began weeping again & told him I really wish my grandma could’ve made it. He surprised me once again & showed me a video. It was of my grandma congratulating us. He went to her house right before we met up & told her everything! This was the perfect day. I am so honored to be his fiance!

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