Emilie and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I met many years ago at a photo shoot for a christian event held at the local high school. We both didn’t take much notice of each other at this point in time. It wasn’t until Joe started coming to my church which is where we then developed a friendship. We both had partners and never thought of each other in that way until the day Joe met my grandmother in a Woolworths car park. She is a very open and and blunt women and she was very impressed when she met Joe for the first time and she wasn’t afraid to hide her feelings, telling me to swap partners and to start dating Joe. Well Joe heard this conversation…. Awkward!!! And it became a running joke between us and our friends about hooking up and switching partners until one day when I actually realised that Joe was such a great guy and that I didn’t want to be just friends. We had both ended our previous relationships and we were both very shy when I came to pursuing anything between us. Joe and I courted for around six months. In that six months we both met each other’s families and both got the tick of approval. Joe made the first move and asked me on the first date. He invited me to his house where he planned on cooking something amazing to impress me. Instead he burnt the chicken but we both didn’t care because we enjoyed being in each other’s presence laughing and having a great time.

how they asked

After dating for two and a half years I was ready to marry Joe and he knew I was ready as well. Lots of our friend had just got married in the past 12 months and I was starting to wonder when it would be my turn! Joe is an apprentice electrician and has always said that he will propose after he had finished his apprenticeship. Well he is in his fourth year this year and I was starting to suspect that it might happen sometime towards the end of the year. Over the past few months Joe has started shift work and had to work many weekends in a row which meant that I didn’t get to see him as often as I would normally. Joe finally had a weekend off and told me that he was going to cook me dinner and to be there a seven o’clock. I thought nothing of it and just thought he wanted to do sometime nice because we hadn’t seen much of each other. During the day time we were hanging out at my house with my house mate Hollie who asked us what our plans were for the night. I told her that Joe was cooking me dinner at his house and she jokingly said “it sounds like your going to propose”. I thought nothing of it as it was quite a common thing for all our friend to joke about when Joe was going to pop the question and Joe just laugh it off staying cool calm and collected. When Joe left my house that day to go and start dinner he told me to wear something nice and to put some makeup on which was very unusual for a Saturday night dinner at home. It was seven o’clock and I arrived at Joe’s house for our dinner looking mighty fine ;) He opens the door and there are candles everywhere lining a pathway to the dinning room where he had cooked an amazing meal (not burnt) and set up an amazing place for a special dinner for two. After we had finished dinner he tells me he has something for me and goes into another room. He comes back with a photo album he had created on Snapfish which had photos of us over the last two and a half year we had spent together. At the end of the book it had some writing and at the end of the writing it said that he had a very important question to ask me and at that moment I turn around to see Joe on one knee holding a beautiful ring asking if he could marry me! I could not believe it I was so surprised and shocked that the day had actually come. In a blubbering mess I said yes!