Emilie and Connor

How We Met

Connor and I met in the sweetest and most perfect college town of Lexington, Kentucky at our school, the University of Kentucky. We’ve known each other since our freshman year but really got to know each other during the summer before our junior year. We met through bible studies and mutual friends – truly a God story. For our very first date, he made me dinner at his house! We had steak, baked potatoes, and roasted broccoli (so yum and I was so impressed)!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Kentucky Castle

The night he made things official, he took me to a surprise dinner at The Kentucky Castle! Out on the rooftop is where he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said: “yes yes yes”! Connor is in my life because he is the man I have prayed for since I was a little girl. I met the man of my dreams in college and cannot wait to see what this life holds with him by my side.

Proposal Ideas The Kentucky Castle

How They Asked

On June 1, 2019, we met back in Lexington for what I thought was just a day of moving him into his new house. Little did I know that night I would get asked the question that would change my life forever. We once again went to eat at The Kentucky Castle; but this time, his dad tagged along and “was just taking us out to a nice dinner” (he was the cover-up all along). After dinner, his dad wanted to go up to the roof and “see the view”. As the three of us stepped into the elevator, his dad said “I’m going to run to the restroom. I’ll meet you up there”. This was another lie and I was oblivious!

Connor was not acting nervous or off so I really did not expect anything. We made it to the rooftop – back where it all began! As we turned the corner I saw that he had beautiful candles set up with a photographer and everything! It was just the most perfect setting and where it all started – of course!!! He got down on one knee and I answered the easiest question I have ever been asked.

This is only the beginning of our adventure and I am thrilled to do life with him!

Special Thanks

Lexi B Photography
 | Photographer
Anne Boggess
 | Planning
James Allen
 | Ring