Emilianne and Michael

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How We Met

We met while we were both in high school, note: I graduated high school a year early. My sophomore year in high school I joined the marching band and did color guard, where I met his sister. Her and I became really close and I was also close with her parents since they helped a lot with marching band. We lived close enough where we were on the same bus going to and from school. So her and I always sat next to each other. When I went over to her house her brother (My fiance) would be there and he was very shy and wouldn’t say much. As the years went on we finally were able to talk more and get close to each other, but we both were very shy and never wanted to say anything about us liking each other to one another.

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His sister wanted us to be together so she would try everything in her power to have us sit next to each other on the bus and be close or suggesting he pick me up from my house when he began to drive to go to school. There was a moment where we( me him and his sister) were sitting talking and just enjoying each others company and that was in my heart knew he was different than anyone and I wanted to be with him. Though I kept that thought to myself. We even had a moment we shared that we wanted to tell the other we liked each other but us being us we both chickened out of saying anything. We stayed close as friends but once we both graduated we fell out of touch. Then came college for the two of us and that is when we finally hit it off. He was in Alaska and I was in Maryland, when I got his number from his dad it took no more than a week for us to officially start dating long distance and that’s how we ended up here!

how they asked

After 2 years of friendship and three years of good times and 5,000 miles long distance, I am visiting for his birthday and our anniversary. The day of our anniversary was planned out but it rained so we didn’t end up doing much. Towards the afternoon he kept suggesting we go on a walk to an overview of the city of Fairbanks and also the mountains, but I protested since it was still raining at the time. A major thing that I wanted to happen before we got engaged was that he asked my mother. Well, he made me a promise ‘if this walk is not worth it then I will call your mother right in front of you and tell/ask her’ and I said fine. He gets me and all of his friends together to go for a walk, at one point he pulls me away from the group for a time of just him and I walking and talking. We got to the overview which had a bench so we sat down and he started saying how much he loves me and gets down on his knee and asks me if I would marry him!

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It was perfect, two of his friends come running down a hill taking pictures and the rest of his friends are cheering up the hill. Even though it was cloudy it was an amazing view with such great people and a great story of how he told my mother (but that’s a tale for another time :) ). As we were walking back to the apartments to celebrate he whispers ‘Was it worth it?’ and my answer was ‘worth!’

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