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How We Met

In the books and movies, true love stories typically begin with a chance meeting. Two people are in the right place, at the right time. As soon as their paths cross, their lives are changed forever. And that is how Andrew and I found each other. It was Fall 2014, the start of my sophomore year at Ferris State University and I was at pep band rehearsal. I looked across the room and spotted the new guy, a freshmen right out of the military. I caught him staring back at me, and it was an instant connection. It was love at first sight. Due to our shyness all we could do were exchange these looks that flushed our cheeks with red and forced smiles to play on our lips. I felt like I was in middle school again, having my first crush on a boy. A couple weeks later there was a ‘meet the band members’ social event for pep band. Due to lack of other seats, Andrew sat at my table for dinner. We ended up talking for hours, I remember it like it was yesterday. We shared our favorite movies, talked about our academics, and our future goals. It was as if the world had stopped, and it was just Andrew and I. Lost in each other’s eyes, each other’s smiles. I was never so interested in what someone would say next, and he seemed to care so much about everything I told him. Following that night,we talked often and spend more time together, we were becoming friends but could feel our connection growing stronger, into more than just friendship. A couple months full of pep band, dinners, movies, video games, and even some trips had passed and we finally made it official. Over the next years we just enjoyed getting to be together. We bonded most over our love of band and music. We joined the national honorary band fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, together. This brought us even closer as we learned to work in a team to do projects and community events. Andrew has been at my side through the good and the bad. During our first years together, we found ourselves overcoming some bumps on our journey. Starting in the Summer of 2015, Andrew and I came across obstacles and struggles. We grew so close to each other before the summer came, we were always near each other. But then we had to go long distance for summer break. It was hard but it made us realize how much we truly cared about each other. Once we came back in the fall, we were closer than ever. I practically spent all my time at his apartment when I wasn’t in class, I was able to avoid the stuffy dorm rooms and spend time with my favorite person. We kept growing closer and motivated each other to keep pushing through anything and everything that was thrown at us. Summer of 2016 was the roughest for me with my dad unexpectedly passing away. That same summer Andrew and I officially moved in together and adopted our first fur-child, a bunny named Charlie. It was a big year of growth in our relationship. I remember my friend Chelsea spilling the beans about something Andrew told her. Note, at this time she knew Andrew and I have discussed the possibility of getting engaged. She approached me one day in the Fall of 2016 and told me, “So Andrew said something adorable today. I asked him how he decided he wanted to get married to you and he told me ‘I realized that I can’t picture my life without her.. That’s when I knew that I had to ensure she would stay with me forever’.” Fast forward to our approaching three year anniversary (spring 2017). Every moment I have had with Andrew has always been, treasured. I wouldn’t change how we met for the world. I’m so glad that becoming apart of pep band led me to my best friend, my soulmate, and my other half. Fate is a crazy thing. …the rest is history.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Evergreen Resort

Originally, Andrew had this idea to ask me for my hand at pep band, since that was how we met. Sadly, the ring wasn’t done on time so plans had to change. I, knowing that an engagement was coming within the year, told one of my best friends that it would be perfect if he asked at our fraternity’s annual formal. I loved the idea because we would both be dressed up, my mom would be able to attend since formal was at the resort she worked at, pictures could be taken, and our closest friends would also witness our engagement. I decided to give this idea to Andrew but he said no because it was too cliche. Little did I know, he was just throwing me off his trail. It was the day of Kappa Kappa Psi’s formal. Everyone was looking forward to formal because it’s our way to celebrate all that we have overcome in the past school year and where we are now. I was so overwhelmed and excited because of the months of planning formal we did with my mom, I wanted the night to be perfect. After dinner, our group watched the video we created to highlight our chapter, then moved on to our mock elections. I was working the slideshow of mock election results. We finally got to the slide of cutest couple, Andrew and I had won. Andrew and I made our way to the front of the room to retrieve our certificates from my friend, Sierra, then posed for a picture like we had all mock election winners do. My mom, my brother, and my friend Chelsea were in the back of the room on camera duty. As we waited for our cutest couple picture, Chelsea told me that they couldn’t figure out my camera and asked me to look at it. As I make my way over to the camera, I suddenly I heard my Andrew call me by my usual nickname “Honey!”. Later I learned that as I was distracted by “camera malfunctions”, Sierra was right behind me, passing off the ring to Andrew. I quickly spun around and instantly felt myself go into complete shock, my hands placed themselves over my heart. I see Andrew down on one knee asking to me marry him. My entire body was shaking, I was screaming in my head but my mouth couldn’t form the words. After what felt like moments of time stopping, just like when we first talked to each other, I said yes! My hands were shaking even more with excitement as Andrew put the ring on my finger. My friend Meg was behind me getting a video of it and my other friend Katie was taking pictures. I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. As we finally got our picture taken. Then Andrew asked everyone attending formal to raise their hands if they knew about the surprise and just about everyone laughed and shot their arms in the air.

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