Emilee and Wade

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how we met

Wade and I met my freshman year (November 19, 2010) of college at the University of South Dakota (USD). He was in a fraternity and they were hosting their formal at Lake Okaboji and I was actually there as a date of one of his close friends. To this day Wade likes to tease me that he “stole me away”. We started talking that day and the weeks following. It wasn’t until after winter break that we seriously started to get to know each other and he finally asked me on our first date to an Italian restaurant in Vermillion, SD. Wade then officially asked me to be his girlfriend April 3,2011. We continued to date throughout high school, planning our lives together and enjoying all the adventures of college. Once we graduated I went to work in Sioux City and he continued onto grad school at USD for his masters. Once his masters was complete and I had a year of nursing under my belt we made the move to Omaha, Nebraska. There we lived with some friends separately for 6 months and then decided it was time to make the big step to move in together. 6 long months after living together, 41/2 years of me and my family and my friends nagging him to put a ring on it he did!

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how they asked

January 15, 2016 was the day. It was cool day, and Wade planned a date night to kick off my new work rotation as an ER nurse. As I was getting ready for our date my best friend, Nicole called me. She surprised me and came to Omaha, Nebraska from Florida! I was ecstatic and we planned to meet up for drinks prior to Wade and my date. Nicole was waiting for us at Heartland of America park with her boyfriend, I was thrilled to see them both! After reconnecting with my best friend Nicole states, “I am not the real surprise.” and turns me around.

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I turn to find the love of my life down on one knee holding the most beautiful pear shaped engagement ring. If I told you what he said when he asked that would be a lie because I began crying instantly and kissed him! Eventually I said the word he was waiting to hear, “Yes!”

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We continued to celebrate by going to the Twisted Fork in the Old Market for dinner, the first place we had been on a date to in Omaha. After dinner we headed back to our apartment, planning to meet up with friends later in the evening. To my surprise the night was not over, Wade planned a surprise engagement party at our apartment with our closest friends! We set our date for June, 3, 2017! Our amazing proposal was captured by our future wedding photographer Krista with Impressions Photography.

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Special Thanks

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