Emilee and Kevin

Emilee and Kevin Caba's Engagement in Mt. Pisgah, Asheville, NC

How We Met

Oh boy, this is one of my favorite stories to tell! We met in Wrigleyville at a country bar crawl we both really weren’t going to attend. Neither of us lived anywhere near Chicago. We were both their with a group of friends. I had just finished a Nelly dance off. I won. And his group of friends walked in. A drunk girl in his group came up to me and was like heyyyy girllll let’s dance! Just off my dancing win I agreed and she eventually passed me off to Kevin. He bought my friends and I a drink and we spent the rest of the day/night dancing our way through Wrigleyville. We had dinner at Sluggers where I proceeded to eat chicken wings (messy AF) because I was sure I was never gonna see this guy again. When it came time to get on the train to go home with my friends he gave me his flannel to keep me warm and (his master plan!) so that he would have to see me again to get it back. I got on the train and said to my friend, “ha! this kid’s never gonna see his flannel again!” I was wrong. The next morning he asked me to stop by his hometown on my way home from the city and we had for our first official date. The next day that restaurant had a kitchen fire and burnt down. Our love was on fire. We’ve talked every day since then and have lived in 3 states in 2 years–2.5 hours apart and cooped up in a tiny studio loft.

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how they asked

We were headed to North Carolina for the Southern Weddings magazine 10th anniversary launch party! I am a SW super fan and have followed them for over 5 years. So we decided this was the year we were finally going to meet the lovely ladies! I thought he was going to pop the question at the party, but he didn’t. So the next morning, we headed to Asheville, NC to go hiking and enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains. We got totally lost trying to find the road to get us to the start of the trail. Like there-was-a-sign-that-said-government-funding-for-this-road-ends-here-LOST. So we finally get to the start of the hike, realize we are both pretty out of shape, but get to the top! There was an observation deck and I was ready to start back down the mountain, but he kept saying just a little longer. And I knew. He was almost pacing. He goes to the side of the observation deck and I follow. Between the tall grasses as I turn the corner I can see him down on one knee. He used my full name and asked me to marry him! I think I said “yea.” ha! Then, he starts digging at the ground with his hands. While I’m like what the hell is he doing? Also, if he’s digging for more diamonds I’m okay with that. And he hands me two packages wrapped in burlap and lace from beneath the ground. One was a bottle of our favorite bourbon–Woodford Reserve. And one was a mason jar filled with our prayer book, our All The Wire better together bracelets and a note explaining the whole thing. He drove out to NC a week before, right after he asked my parents, all by himself, climbed that same mountain and buried those things to show me how far he would go for our love. So we celebrated with a shot of Woodford! He then told me he found some local photographers and we had engagement pictures the next morning at 8 a.m.

We had a lovely dinner in downtown Asheville that night at Curate and woke up around 6 a.m. to get ready for the hour drive through the mountains for our Black Balsam engagement shoot. We hiked another mountain, me in four inch heels this time!, and got these amazing photos. It was a crazy, beautiful weekend!

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