Emilee and Barney

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How We Met

We met our first year of college and were great friends. He had a huge crush on me and I knew it! We were even picked as freshman class favorites (the pic is our yearbook picture in 2016!)

How They Asked

it was our two year anniversary and he treated me to nails and hair color. My mom had sworn to me that it wasn’t happening this weekend but now we know she lies!!! We had a fabulous fancy dinner then went up to our favorite lookout spot on the mountain in Chattanooga. it was normal for us to go up there so I didn’t think anything of it. But when we got up there it was closed off by construction cones and tape so I didn’t think anything of it.

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But when we got up there it was closed off by construction cones and tape so I Was like maybe we shouldn’t go because there’s nowhere to park but he insisted we go to one of the millionaire’s houses next-door. I was so against it but he went up to the door to ask permission and nobody answered. It turns out earlier that day his mom had asked the owners if it was okay to park there!! So then we are climbing over rocks while dressed up so nice walking down the pathway and it’s about a two-minute walk.

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And he was holding my hand the whole time but had his other hand in his pocket the whole time which I didn’t even notice!!! Then we turned a corner on the path and first thing I saw was there was a candlelit up and I could see the flower petals so I grabbed him by the arm and said “hold on I think we’re coming up on somebody else’s thing” and he said, “no it’s okay, I think that thing is for us” !!!! CUE THE TEARS.

He then led me to the petal of Hearst and gave his beautiful speech. It was like a fairy tale and looked like a bachelor proposal😂seriously couldn’t have been better

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