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How We Met

After graduating from college and working for a while in North Carolina, I wanted to move back home to the New York City metro area. And so, one week I packed a bag and went on a number of interviews – including one where I would be considered for a role (and ultimately hired) on my future husband’s team.

During the interview, I didn’t quite catch his name but I could tell from his accent that he wasn’t American. While I wasn’t head over heels in love with the job – it served it’s purpose – getting me back to New York! Never could I have ever imagined that the man who hired me would be the man that I ultimately would marry.

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Proposal Ideas Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Emil's Proposal in Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Whitehaven Beach, Australia

When he gave his notice that he would be leaving the company, we all went out for drinks as a team. That night he told me I was “special” – and he’s made me feel that way every day since.

When we first started dating, I thought that it would be casual and fun. After all, he’d eventually be going back to Australia, right? Wrong. Years later, I’m still not sure not sure how the universe conspired to bring me the most wonderful man from the other side of the world – but I’m so grateful for whatever it was.

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Six weeks before he proposed, I found the ring. And like anyone else with zero self-control – I opened the box, proceeded to freak out and call my best friend before putting the ring away and pretending I never saw it. Because we had a vacation coming up, I had a feeling that he would do it then. After all, we’d be in Australia surrounded by his family and friends and I figured he’d want them there for it. So naturally, I did my hair and makeup every single day of the trip (something that is not normal for this wash-and-go girl) until the very last day when I figured that maybe he changed his mind or the ring was something he was holding onto for someone else or a million other excuses I had made.

So we take a two-hour ferry ride to Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, Australia which is the most pristine beach you can imagine. I have yesterday’s makeup on and a baseball cap and a tank top. Oh, and I smell like sweat and sunscreen. And that’s when he decided to propose. We took a walk on the beach and when I turned around he was down on one knee. He was so anxious after I said yes that when he put the ring on – he put it on the wrong hand!

When we got home to New York we (read: I) decided that we should have proper engagement photos done; ones where I look like a more presentable version of myself. But we’re not huge fans of engagement photos that look overly staged or unnatural (looking at you people in fields and high heels). So we enlisted the help of our genius photographer, Laura Huertas, to do an “at home” shoot at Urban Cowboy in Williamsburg and we could not be happier with the result of our engagement shoot!

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