Emerald and Jonathan

How We Met

I met Jonathan when I was 12 years old in the 7th grade and he was 13 in the 8th grade. I remember seeing him and telling my mom that I was going to marry that boy one day, but little did I know. We had a whirlwind romance. Our moms joined us on movie dates and we’d spend every Friday night together at our hometown’s Pizza Hut. Jonathan moved onto the 9th grade, but we’d try and see each other after school as much as we could. We went to the high school homecoming dance his freshman year together and spent the rest of the night slow dancing, no matter what song was on. We’d eventually “break up” if that’s even what you could call two pre-teens doing, and carry on in the same school.

One year later I joined Johnny in high school and we got back together for a while, but eventually broke up again. Throughout high school, we remained friends, but there was always something lingering. Johnny got a scholarship to play football in college and so he went. My senior year of high school was spent exactly how it should have been, but I could not wait for him to come home to visit. Sure enough, as soon as he got into town he texted me. I showed up, Pizza Hut in hand, just like we would do as kids. We talked outside his parents’ house for what seemed like hours, but we both knew that a long-distance relationship just wasn’t right for either of us.

Another year passed and I enrolled at Texas State University, and low and behold, guess who decided to transfer there, Jonathan. Again, right person, wrong time. Johnny and I dated other people in college and really never spoke. We kept up with each other’s lives via social media or at the request of our moms to check up on one another.

Emerald's Proposal in Daniels & Fisher Clock tower, Denver, Colorado

We graduated a few months apart and both ended up in San Antonio, Texas, just down the road from where we went to college. One night, after several glasses of wine, I was on Bumble swiping my little heart away. Jonathan came up on my screen and I just about spit out my $3 wine. I swiped right and immediately messaged him asking if we could be friends again. I waited a LIFETIME (20 minutes) for a response and didn’t get one. So, I proceeded to delete my Bumble account, the app, and just about threw my whole phone away when I received a text from Johnny. Good thing neither of us had bothered to change our phone numbers since 2006.

One thing led to another and we met for pizza in November of 2017. One date led to two, then five, then we introduced our dogs to each other, and that was it. In November of 2018, we bought our first house together. To some, it seemed rushed, but to us, we had spent our entire lives getting to know each other.

How They Asked

In November of 2019, we planned to take a trip to Denver for our anniversary. Johnny told me we had dinner reservations and that it was a surprise, but to dress up. Our Uber picked us up and said “Alright you guys are heading to Tokyo Joes”, at the time I didn’t think twice about it. Our ride dropped us off and he took my hand and walked me across the street to a gigantic building. We walked in and he told a lady waiting with a clipboard we had drink reservations. She rode in the elevator with us and told us to enjoy our evening.

Jonathan led me up the stairs to me would-be proposal. We were inside the Daniel & Fisher Clock Tower where Jonathan got down on one knee and told me that time was the most important thing people can have, and he did not want to spend another minute without me. Of course, I said yes.

We shared years together and now we get to spend a lifetime.