Emelyne and Connor

How We Met

Connor and I have known each other our entire lives, we grew up together in church. Connor even has memories of trying to talk to me when we were about 4 years old in Sunday school but since I was so shy I looked away. Once we got into 8th grade he asked me for my number and we started talking. I was so nervous, every time I saw his name pop up on my phone I would immediately start shaking! The next couple of years we continued to talk and finally admitted that we liked each other. We decided to wait until we were in 10th grade to date because my parents had a no dating until age 16 rule. December 31, 2009, we started dating and have been together ever since!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Long Beach Island

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I was always so close to my grandma and grandpa, they lived on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. They built a home there in the 50’s, my mom grew up spending her summers at the shore and then I grew up spending my summers at the shore. My best memories were made in LBI. As I got older, I started to bring Connor with us to LBI. The shore holds a very special place in my heart. My grandpa has always been in love with Connor and I’s relationship, every day he would ask when Connor and I were going to get married. All I wanted was for my grandparents to be there for my wedding. Unfortunately, they passed away. We kept their home in Long Beach Island for several months but we had to make the heartbreaking decision to sell it. I was heartbroken, selling their house felt like I was grieving another death. It was the last piece I had of them.

Emelyne and Connor's Engagement in Long Beach Island

Fast forward one year later, everyday I talked to Connor about going back to visit my grandparents house. He decided that this summer we should go and see how I would feel being back. On July 8 we went back to LBI, when I first got there I felt okay. As soon as we started walking towards my grandparents house I completely broke down. It was so overwhelming, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I was overcome with sadness. Connor and I decided to walk to the beach to try and calm myself down. We sat on the beach and Connor reassured me that my grandparents would be so happy that I made the choice to come back to their home. He kept telling me that this trip was about making new memories. I decided that I wanted to be happy, I knew how blessed I was to have had my grandparents and this amazing beach house in my life for so long. From that moment forward I felt differently, I felt peace.

Our last day on the trip was July 10. Since I am a blogger/YouTuber part of my job is taking photos and videos of what I’m doing. I felt that I hadn’t taken a lot of photos because I wanted to truly enjoy the trip. Another couple was with us and they suggested that we go to the lighthouse so I could get some photos before we left, I thought it was a great idea. There is a long path of rocks that leads out to the ocean, we decided to walk across the rocks to try and get some good shots. We took a couple photos and then next thing I know Connor is down on one knee asking me to be his wife. I was in complete shock and my mouth was wide open! I was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I felt like my grandparents were there with us. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. To make things even better, 4 days before I got engaged to my best friend of 18 years got engaged! We always prayed that we would get engaged in the same week and somehow it worked out that way. I couldn’t have asked for a better week!

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