Emely and Osvaldo

Emely and Osvaldo's Engagement in The El Capitan Theatre

How We Met

Ozzy and I met when we both worked at Kmart. I was a senior in high school working weekends and he was working there part time besides his regular job at a bank. We did not cross paths for some time as he worked on the 1st floor and I on the 2nd, but we did hear each other’s names all the time. I was the new girl at Kmart and Ozzy tells me that his male coworkers would constantly talk about me and ask him, “have you seen the new girl?” He had not seen me yet but he got tired of them asking, so one day he decided to go upstairs and see what the fuss was all about. When he saw me he thought I was cute, but very young, so did not make much of it. Although he did not speak to me that day, he tells me that it only took him one look to know the kind of girl I was. He even said to himself, “the guy who ends up staying with her will be a very lucky guy” (he actually mentioned this when he proposed to me). I, on the other hand, thought he was conceited when I saw him so did not pay much attention to him. I recall that a coworker even asked me if I would ever consider dating Ozzy and my answer was “never”. I was not attracted to him at all…but little did I know that I would eventually fall head over heels for him. As days passed, we got the opportunity to talk. We talked for hours that day and ever since, we have been inseparable. Eleven years later, we are still so in love like the first year and cannot wait to say our “I Do’s” in just a few months!

how they asked

Emely's Proposal in The El Capitan Theatre

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The El Capitan Theatre

Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite childhood Disney movie and Ozzy has been a big fan of Disney ever since he was a little boy. Of course we get so excited with anything Beauty and the Beast so as soon as we found out that the live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast was being released in theatres, I rushed to get us both tickets for the screening at The El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. It had just been a few minutes since it was announced that tickets were available for purchase and the seats were already filling up quickly! Luckily, I found 2 seats right next to each other so I locked in our seats without knowing that my fiancé was already planning something special for me that night. We were both so excited for the movie and to make it even more fun, he asked me to wear a yellow dress like Belle and he would wear a coat just like the Beast’s.

The night of the screening came and as we sat in the theatre enjoying Disney tunes being played by the pianist, my fiancé excused himself to the restroom. Some time passed and I was growing a little impatient because the raffles right before the movie had begun and he had not returned. The raffles continued and I wished my name would be called out since they were raffling really cool Beauty and the Beast swag. To my surprise, a couple of winners later…my number was called out!!!

The host announced that this would be a very special prize as I would be able to take something that was used in the actual making of the movie. He called me to the front of the theatre and asked me, “what would be one thing, that we could give away to you tonight, that you would like from the movie?” I thought of all the beautiful costumes and props that were in the exhibition downstairs and remembered the rose in the glass jar so I said to the host, “the rose”. He said my prize was waiting behind the curtains so he directed me to go up the stairs onto the stage. The curtains rolled up…and as I walked up the stairs…there he was! My beast!!! In front of 1,000+ audience, gleaming with a huge smile, Ozzy walked towards me and held my hand, confessing his love to me. He got down on one knee and said, “Would you be the beauty to this beast? Will you marry me?” The crowd cheered and covered in happy tears, of course I said YES!!!!

Watch a clip of our proposal featured on people.com: http://people.com/movies/man-proposes-to-girlfriend-at-beauty-and-the-beast-screening/

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