Emeka and Carmen-Rose

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Houston Tx

I proposed to my lady this past Saturday. I kept her in suspense by two weeks and even pretended as if we were going to break up. How cruel!

But I knew I wanted to spend my life with her. She is intelligent, beautiful, driven, hard-working and her HEART is the most beautiful of all.

I invited her closest friends from Chicago and her old college friends. The all flew into town and our planner set up the perfect surprise.

I had her believe we were going to dinner with one of my friends. Everyone was lying in wait at 51 Fifteen restaurant. I slipped to the restroom and a waitress ushered her into a private room where 12 of her closest friends walked in to the sound of music and presented her 2 things: 1) a rose 2) a card with a letter in it.

Each letter spelled out WILL YOU MARRY ME

After all the letters were completed, I walked in. She was crying at this point. I got down on one knee and the rest is history!

We sat down to a 4 course dinner, took lots of pictures and celebrated the night away.

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