Elzaan and Wikus

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How We Met

In my matric year 2013.. our bussines teacher asked me what was my plan after school. So I told him that I wanted to studie something in Nature. He recommended me to talk to his son, which at that stage was already busy with his first year in Nature Management. In my first year, 2014, in Nature management.. we saw each other a few times at college socials. At the end of the year there was a formal event and I asked him to be my companion. From then we started to be more serious about our friendship and in 2015 he asked me on a game farm, if I wanted to be his girlfriend. And in that time I thought that was the best question he could ever ask. But as time goes by, my biggest dream was to marry my best friend and my everything.

how they asked


We had a family hunting weekend on a game farm. Some of us arrived on the wednesday and the other on the friday evening. My boyfriend asked me on friday morning if we could have a picknick in the afternoon as a “date-night”, because of our long distance relationship. As I was busy to get ready for the picknick he was outside busy with something. Got in the car and we drive to a specific spot where there is a natural waterhole and rock to sit on. We unpack everything on our blanket.. have a glass of Amarula as we watch the sunset. We talked about everyday stuff and suddenly he asked me something and I had to say no. Then he asked me 3 times “Are you really going to so no” and He asked me to get up. He went down on one knee and said “I want to marry you. I want to have a family and kids with you. I will take care of you to the best of my ability. I want to have you in my life. Will you marry?”

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As I started crying… he said there was no time to buy a ring but he has something. He pulled out a small ring box and opened it.. and there was a ring he made himself. It was perfect.. a little to big but warmed my heart. He stood up and removed something from his pocket and there he held the most perfect and beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. He placed the ring on my finger..and i started to cry.

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Special Thanks

Armand du Preez
 | Photographer