Elz and Zelly

How We Met

Me and Zelly met  in math class are sophomore year of college in 2010.  He actually was trying to look over my shoulder and cheat off of a math test we were taking.  I quickly covered my paper and ask him about the incident as soon as we stepped foot out of the class.  He was very charming and comical and that caught my attention quickly. From then on We formed a solid friendship. To make a long story short we have been inseparable ever since.


how they asked

After the gift exchange between everyone he walked up to me with a present and said here’s another gift. So I was shocked because I thought the gift giving was over. He stated that this was from his mom. So I thought okay let me open this gift really quick. As I’m opening the gift I see him get on one knee in front of me. When I opened the box it was a set of wine glasses that said Mr. and Mrs. Grimes with December 25, 2017 engraved on it. When I looked down at him he said will you marry me baby? I was overwhelmed With love and joy I immediately started to cry. Of course my answer was YES!!!

Our Video

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