Elyssa and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I met on a double date at a Yankee game! (Photo is from this day) We instantly became inseparable and the rest is history. Fast forward 3 years to now and I can’t imagine life without my best friend.

Elyssa's Proposal in Sag Harbor

How They Asked

We always spend Matt’s birthday (July 4th) in the Hamptons. It just so happens that his mom’s birthday is also part of the holiday weekend (July 6th). So, when packing for the trip East we all were bringing more nice outfits than usual for all of the birthday festivities.

The day of July 5th, me, Matt’s mom, and Matt’s sister all went to get our hair and nails done in honor of the anticipated parties. We also all decided to wear our fanciest outfits that night.

Matt’s house is a short walk to a beautiful private beach and we like to take this walk daily. Because of all the glam, we didn’t have time to take this walk during the day. So, Matt suggested that once we get dressed for dinner, we can go to the beach before meeting up with his family.

Meanwhile, while Matt and I were getting dressed and having a cocktail with his mom, his dad, two brothers, and sister were all at the beach setting up my special surprise.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sag Harbor

Matt and I took our walk and I was blown away by what was before me. On the beach was a red and pink heart (made of rose petals and seashells) that had the words inside “Will you marry me?”

Immediately, two photographers and his two brothers popped out of the bushes and captured our moments of laughter, pure joy, and tears of happiness. I felt like the entire setup was a dream.

When I asked if the rest of his family was meeting us at the beach to celebrate, Matt said no and that we were going back to the house to have champagne with them before dinner.

We got back to the house and walked into the front lobby to find not just his family but mine too! I was beyond thrilled to have everyone there to celebrate our special moment together. It was truly the greatest day of my life and I couldn’t have dreamed up such a perfect proposal.

Special Thanks

Maryam Moradi
 | Photographer