Elyssa and Charles

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How We Met

I was out with my friend Julia and we decided to go to a bar in Montreal (where we live) and the moment I walked in some handsome guy came up to me and grabbed my hand, he brought me to where his friends were and luckily I knew some of them, so I felt more comfortable. He kissed me and the rest is history! It is going to be five years this April.

how they asked

Charles had never been to Vegas, so for his birthday on January 29, 2018 I decided to surprised him with a trip. Prior to him receiving the trip to Vegas he had already begun doing some ring research and was thinking of proposing sometime in the near future. But once I gave him the trip he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to propose there. So the hunt begun, giving him just 2 weeks to find me the perfect ring (which he definitey did!).

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He was so occupied trying to find me my ring all while studying for his midterms that he wasn’t really able to give much thought on how and where in Vegas he would propose. This is when he decided to start contacting some photographers. Just two days before leaving on our trip he managed to find Jessie Emeric online and from there on she was amazing and helped him from A to Z, suggesting different locations that would make a perfect photo op.

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From the long list of choices that Jessie provided, he choose in front of the Paris hotel – ok I may have slipped in once that a Paris proposal would be dreamy, so he thought this is the next best thing (so ladies, they do listen!). Charles and Jessie decided on doing the proposal before sundown at 4:30 pm to capture the best quality of pictures, however, the hard part was getting me all dressed up that early. He used “It’s our first night in Vegas, let’s go for drinks before dinner, so get dressed.” But I was not interested in getting ready to go out “fancy” as early as 4:30 pm but he somehow managed to get me there for 5:00 pm. It was very windy and chilly that evening so I was trying to stay warm by latching on to his arm tightly and touching the ring box 3 times that was in his jacket pocket (luckily, I was oblivious). When we got to where Charles and Jessie had discussed he asked me if I wanted to take a picture and obviously I said yes.

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I had noticed Jessie, however, I didn’t know she was there for us, I was justing thinking to myself of asking her to take a picture for us on my phone. However, Charles distracted me by saying sweet things so right then and there I started balling my eyes as I knew what was happening. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!!!

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Jessie was hiding in the corner capturing our special moment as it happened. I was so beyond excited and emotional I apparently never even said “yes” but I think the huge smile on my face said it all. After we hugged and kissed and introduced ourselves to Jessie we then went along the strip to take some more AMAZING pictures as a newly engaged couple!

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Special Thanks

Jessie Emeric
 | Photographer