Elyssa and Azeem


How We Met

Azeem and I met through mutual friends at a sports festival University Students in Toronto go to every year. It was a quick passing and that was it. We then started talking again many years later when he was going on a trip with the boys to California and Vegas and when we finally had our first date we decided to meet for late lunch on New Year’s Eve and then end up hanging out together with a bunch of mutual friends. Little did we know this would be the beginning of something special and we would be spending many more New Years Eves together.


how they asked

It was a sunny July Afternoon. Azeem and I had planned to go for a hike in Caledon at the Belfountain Conservation. We had talked about going there many times and just hadn’t had the time. We TRY to go for hikes as often as we can.

I was packing a bag that morning as we were planning on going for dinner that night after the hike. He suggested I bring this black and white dress he had bought me a while ago – I hadn’t found a chance to wear it since he gave it to me. So there I was late and running around the house looking for it – and guess where I found it…in my little sisters room of course. (Always stealing my clothes) Little did I know Azeem had asked my sister to keep that dress safe and make sure I take it.  Finally I was on my way to Mississauga to meet Azeem and I’m never late! As soon as I get there he has a huge smile on his face and we drive up to Belfountain. The ride there we talked about our first date, and wonderful memories of our relationship – it was a beautiful drive.

When we get there Azeem gets his GoPro out to take videos of the hike (lately he’s been wanting to use it all the time…so no surprise) We walk along the path and he’s speed walking until we get to this bridge with a waterfall. The bridge was covered in white balloons…(I still had no idea). We continue walking and there is a man playing the violin in front of a large rustic fountain It was so pretty and the song sounded familiar (still didn’t click) beyond that there was a large wedding party taking photos – so oblivious me thinks that the balloons and the violinist are for the bridal party!


I tell Azeem that I think we need to move out of the way it seems like the bridal party wants to take photos where we are near the fountain – he just keeps telling me its fine – I disagree and run over to the other side of the fountain. Azeem follows…and so does the violinist. Azeem’s starts rustling through his bag telling me he needs to get some gum – and suddenly brings me closer to the fountain and violinist.


He declared his love and took the infamous knee, presented a beauty of a diamond and popped the question! Needless to say I wept and looked behind him and saw both of our sisters taking photos of the whole thing.


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