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How We Met

Zach & I met in January of our sophomore year at Wheaton College. I had become really good friends with his cousin, Mari, so she introduced us and we all started hanging out together. I thought he was a ton of fun, and we quickly became really good friends. That Easter, Mari invited me to come home to Minnesota with her, where I ended up meeting Zach’s entire family. Little did I know, Zach and Mari had been scheming about how to get us two together for a couple months, and this trip to Minnesota for Easter was another piece of the plan. At the time, I was totally oblivious to this happening, and in my mind, Zach and I were “just friends.” So when he called me on the phone a couple weeks later and asked if I wanted to get coffee, I responded with “Yea is everything okay?” I was hoping he wasn’t gonna confess his feelings for me since I didn’t feel the same. But when we got coffee, that is exactly what he did. We were about to leave for summer break, so he told me how he felt about me and asked if I would consider going on dates with him when we got back to school the next fall. Looking back, I see that I was a little harsh when I responded by saying that I just saw him as a friend and that I didn’t anticipate that changing…

Nonetheless, Zach is an amazing guy and responded with thanking me for being honest, and he continued to be a really good friend to me in the last weeks of the semester. We left for summer and didn’t see each other or talk too much, except when he wrote me a letter while I was working at summer camp – nothing romantic, but just a nice note to say “don’t forget about me.” :) I wrestled back and forth with my feelings for him that summer, but came to the conclusion that friends was all we were gonna be. Looking back, I think I was just afraid of being in a long relationship again that would end up not working out. However, when we returned from school that fall and I saw him for the first time again…I knew my feelings had changed. I didn’t tell anyone for a bit because I was so confused, but I found myself always wondering where he was and always wanting to be with him. Finally, one day the two of us were hanging out and I knew I had to say something.

Right as I was about to bring it up, my roommate came downstairs and interrupted us and he ended up saying he had to go anyways. As soon as he left, I was kicking myself for not saying anything, and ended up texting him asking if he could come back before he even made it to the door of his apartment building right across the street. Outside my house I told him that I took back what I said in the spring, and that my feelings for him changed. I will never forget the look on his face when I told him that. I found out a few months later that he ended up running a mile before going back to his apartment because he was so happy. It was midnight. We started going on dates that next week, and it’s only been getting better and better since then :)

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how they asked

This past week it was my school’s Spring Break, so a group of girl friends and I went out to my best friend’s house in the mountains of Montana. I have spent a week out there almost every summer since my freshman year of high school, and it is one of my favorite places in this world. On one of the last days of our trip, my best friend suggested that we all get dressed up and take pictures at their family friends house. We all thought it was a fun idea to have some nice pictures in the mountains together before we all graduate, so we all were excited and got dressed up nice. We went to the house where they had some friends over, who turned out to be sisters who were photographers. They offered to take some pictures for us, and we all that it was a fun coincidence (only 3 out of the 6 girls there knew what was about to happen).

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We were outside taking pictures, when the photographer’s suggested we take single shots. One of my friends yelled, “Elyse you go first!” I was standing there smiling when I heard a noise, and turned around to see a snowmobile coming over the mountain. They told me it was the dad of the family, so they kept taking pictures. When the snowmobile got closer, a guy got off and started walking straight toward me, and he looked like he had a purpose.

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I turned around to my friends a little alarmed and said, “Do you guys know him??” He took his helmet off and it wasn’t until then that I realized it was Zach. I about fell over out of shock. He walked up to me, said some sweet things I can’t remember for the life of me, and got down on one knee.

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Craziest, best moment of my entire life. I’ve never answered an easier question!

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