Elyse and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Red Rocks

How We Met

We met on the dating app, Bumble! I think we were both sort of just casually swiping left and right and happened to come across each other. I actually was just logging on one day after a couple weeks off, and I was about to delete the app, but then I saw that Ryan had sent me a message and I thought “what the heck”. We met up and for the first time it was not an awkward first date, we just sort of clicked and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Imagine this: a very cold, very dark morning at Red Rocks. We had gotten up early because Ryan suggested we do something different other than skiing, and I had never seen Red Rocks at sunrise (we only live about 15 mins away). Well, I had an inkling in the back of my mind, I thought “no way this is not gonna happen today”; after all, we do live together and I hadn’t seen any evidence of a ring.

Anyways, we arrive at Red Rocks at the very top, very early. There’s only one other person there walking his dog around the perimeter. It was so cold my legs had started to become numb. We waited for the sunrise, but it never came – it was too overcast. A part of me was thinking “there’s no way that this is going to happen now for sure, it’s too cold and we’re about to leave.”

As we are about to walk away, Ryan turns to me and says “So, we’re at our favorite place….” and right then my mind becomes blank. My ears started burning. Tears welled up in my eyes. Next, think I know, he’s down on one knee with this beautiful ring (that he picked out all by himself, and it’s absolutely perfect), and our DOG sits right next to him, and they are both looking up at me. I wish I had a photo of what that looked like in that exact moment, it was so special and made me even more emotional. We kiss and hug and attempt to take a selfie. We are the only ones at red rocks at this point, it was so special. (We still joke that I never did exactly say yes, as my mind was blacked out haha)

Luckily, a few minutes later, a couple of girls showed up and were photographing each other (bloggers maybe?) so I rushed over asking one of them to take a picture of us with tears still in my eyes and she knew right away, “OMG did you just get engaged?!?!?!” She snapped a couple pics of us, hugged us both and went off with her friend. These pictures are the most special pictures I own, from the most wonderful morning of my life.

I love our engagement because it was so intimate, and so us. I had the love of my life there, at our favorite place, with our fur child. We are getting married on April 27, 2019!