Elyse and Jeff


We met at our church’s small group. One of the first times we started “noticing” each other was at a Memorial Day BBQ that a couple from our group hosted. I think it was no accident that the guest list included all of the married couples from our small group and only 2 single people…us!


Well, Elyse knew it was coming eventually, but she didn’t know specifically when, so I worked hard to make sure she was totally surprised…and she was! It wasn’t until we were about 15 feet from the sign that she realized what was going on, which was perfect! And while the proposal itself and after party with all of our friends and family went super smooth, the hours leading up to it were pretty exciting to say the least. I had a couple of our friends plan a dinner with Elyse and I for Saturday night so she would block it off, and then Saturday morning, I had our friends text her and ask if we’d like to join them for a walk in Jester park before dinner because it was the first super warm day of the year. The plans were set, Elyse had no idea, but then Elyse pulled an audible and decided she was going to run all of her errands on Saturday so she could have Sunday to rest. That would have been totally fine, but now she wasn’t sure she’d make the walk. VERY IMPORTANT PART TO MISS. That’s where the proposal was going down. I played it cool and figured the worst case scenario would be me having to let her in on the secret earlier than I wanted so that she would come to the park, but I didn’t need to do that, because after a lot of nervous praying that morning, Elyse’s first errand, a trip to BioLife to donate plasma was cut short when there was a random accident that involved an unclamped tube and some spilled blood. Unfortunately she couldn’t finish her donation, GREAT news is she would be done super early and the rest of the day would go as planned. Elyse picked me up and we ran a few errands together before heading to Jester Park. We made our way there and the closer we got, the faster my heart was beating, but I had to keep it cool. We drove right by the set up, but thankfully it was hidden enough where she didn’t notice it. We found a spot to park and started “looking for our friends” that were supposed to meet us there, but I took an early turn down a dead end path, which is where Elyse started to get confused. She was wearing her big winter coat (it was still pretty chilly out) so I had her stop, told her she would probably want to take her coat off, and that was when she turned her head, saw the set up, and it started to sink in. I walked her over to the table that was set up by a huge sign that read “will you marry me?” on it and grabbed the journal that I had written everything I wanted to say. My hands were shaking like crazy and I could barely spit out the words, but I made it through and we were both smiling like crazy at each other and holding back a few tears. I grabbed the ring from the table, dropped down to one knee, and asked her to marry me. She’s still thinking about it, but I’ve got a good feeling ;) No, SHE SAID YES! Our best friend Kiana was there taking pictures and our friends who set up the decoy date were close by to help with set up and tear down, and we all had a moment to laugh, smile, and celebrate together. It was all so perfect. The sun shining through the trees, the lights hanging above us in the woods, the uncontrollable smiles….it was all amazing! Afterwards we drove to a friends house who hosted a party of about 50 of our closest friends and family and it was so special to spend the night celebrating with them! My favorite part of the day was how surprised and excited and happy Elyse was during the whole thing. 5 minutes before we walked up she had no idea what was coming, but then our lives changed forever! What. A. Day.

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